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2019 Africa Cup of Nations: Cameroon beat Comoros 3-0 to qualify

BBC | Cameroon secured their place at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt with a 3-0 win over Comoros in Yaounde on Saturday in the final Group B qualifier.

The Indomitable Lions, who won the last Nations Cup in 2017, needed at least a draw against Comoros to reach this year’s finals after Cameroon were stripped of hosting rights in November 2018.

Paris Saint-Germain’s Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting set Cameroon on their way with a goal after 37 minutes.

China-based Christian Bassogog – who was named player-of-the-tournament at Gabon 2017 – scored Cameroon’s second goal in the 54th minute, with substitute Clinton N’jie hitting Cameroon’s third goal after 89 minutes.

The victory means Cameroon, coached by Clarence Seedorf, finished second in Group B behind leaders Morocco who drew 0-0 with bottom side Malawi in Blantyre on Friday.

Comoros finished third in the group having needed a victory against Cameroon to qualify for a Nations Cup finals for the first time.

The Comoros football federation has filed a complaint at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (Cas) calling for the elimination of Cameroon after they lost the hosting rights of the 2019 Nations Cup.

Also on Saturday, Burundi qualified for their first Africa Cup of Nations finals with a 1-1 draw against Gabon in Bujumbura.

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  1. Well done boys…loved the way you made Seedorf and Patrick K proud of their roots in the dressing room.

    Hope you can call back striker Ndip Tambe, we need some charger in front.

    See you guys in Cairo…

    • Ni, that was a beautiful game. Passing has improved and aggressiveness (the Dutch way) has been added. My only worries are set pieces, lack of vision (decisive passes) and very slow. We have big players such as Choupo, Anguissa, Ngadeu and can’t even threaten our short opponents in a set piece? Hopefully, we improve in the next session.


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    The so-called “one and indivisible” LRC has the proven track record of disseminating lies. Unfortunately, citizens of that sh*thole country ALWAYS believe what CrTv, Cameroon Tribune and the GOC tell them.

    Case study1: Field Marshall Leke

    The GOC and apologists have been celebrating the “killing” of the above-mentioned warrior. A Photo of a three-year-old grave was even disseminated as proof of the “success story”. However, the fearless warrior is still alive.

    Case study 2: General Ayekeh

    The celebration of the “killing” of this brave General is premature.


      Believe me or not, the Anglophone Question will be COMPLETELY, TOTALLY, IRREVERSIBLY and UNCONDITIONALLY resolved this time around come rain come shine.
      There is nothing Dictator Biya or France can do to prevent the resolution of this modern day slavery.
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      • Man, this generation is no different from Foncha’s. It is sad cuz pple think otherwise and then make same mistakes Foncha et co made. Who starts a war without an intel, a trained army, finance, weapons, allies etc? Not even one African country supports us and u talk here with no shameless boldness. These are effects of not even understanding our history. Who starts a war hoping the US or UK will back them without even talking to them? And we say lrc never learns a lesson. Do we? How can a leader be in another country and his army is fighting in a different country? Who starts a war and in the process, begs money from the diaspora to fund his army? Then, the money raised suddenly disappears b/w the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. It’s gud to act base on reasoning and not emotions.


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          Last time I checked, it was Dictator Biya who started the war. Southern Cameroonians are simply defending themselves.
          SELF-DEFENCE is recognized in the UN charter and in international law.



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    All those who swear by war, please go 2 Mvo’meka and fight there. We’ll be more than glad if you can kidnap the king and take him along with u to your camps. Nobody is ever going to intervene.

    War is GOOD only to Equatorial gaulists and their Saxon bros…

    • Zam-Zam,

      You have said it all. They have not seen anything yet. I sure say etats gobna don already start neer dem but dem too foolish for know. Time go reach wey you go sey amba pipo go di run..

      Kum-kum don pass water…

  4. @Zam-Zam ‘This is just the beginning, the CURSE of Anglos that have been sacrificed for selfish gains is beginning to show its effects.”…H ah ha ha ha..So the cause of anglos have been sacrificed for selfish gains,hmm? Have u addressed the root cause of the legitimate fight? Until u address the root cause of the anglos legitimate cause,u have no legs to stand on and tell us about a legitimate cause that have been hijacked. Buea is the destination.
    So, u recommend an extremist like Biya to be on the dialogue table and dialogue with moderates like Agbor Balla and Simon Munzu,hmm? …Of course it can’t work like that..Even Agbor Balla and Simon Munzu KNOWS THAT eXTREMISTS CAN ONLY DIALOGUE WITH EXTREMISTS. The negotiation will be LRC’s extremist (BIYA) and SC’s EXTREMISTS (Akwanga and co)

    • “Even Agbor Balla and Simon Munzu KNOWS THAT eXTREMISTS CAN ONLY DIALOGUE WITH EXTREMISTS.”, kikikiki…Akwanga extremists? Abeg no kill me witi laf massa. Na the reason dat wey pipol liké Akwanga witi Cho go always fool wuna for inside wuna mov’t. Show Akwanga witi Cho some small bone, without meat for on top, then see how wey saliva go di drop-drop from their mop. Dis pipo dem di even use na which kana mungang for fool wuna eh? Pipo dem wey dem nova ever work some better boulot for dem life, talk less of hold some Ogah position. How wuna fit even start for compare da kana loss sense dem witi Munzu ana Ball-a?

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  5. @Zam-Zam Your subjectivity since thie conflict broke out is legandary.So,Biya,the extremist should now dialogue with Agbor Ballla,the moderate that he jailed and labelled terrorist,hmm?Let me ask u a question,if our own extremist,like the warlord Akwangas and Ayaba Cho did not come to the picture,would your extremist have released Agbor Balla,the moderate from jail? Biya have met his kind (Akwanga,Ayaba Cho,Chis Anu,Sako e.t.c),whose madnesses are the wild type.They also know how to play AK47 politics.And that is the kind of politics that Biya understands.U people are now frustrated and u are advicing that he goes back and dialogue with the moderates,Agbor Balla.ha ha ha..Sorry,there is no turning back.There is no way Biya will solve this crisis without dialoguing with Sako,Anu Akwanga

  6. @Zam-Zam Tell Biya to dialogue but with Kamto.It is Kamto that needs dialogue,not Agbor Balla nor Munzu who has no legitimacy to dialogue on behalf of SCnians.As for the Sisikus, Akwangas and Sakos.They are asking but for negotiation of sepearation with a third party like the UN on the table.Remember,when Biya singlehandedly created the third republic in 1984,he did not consult the likes of Sisiku,Cho Ayaba,Anu Chris,Akwanga and Co.Where did he put them in that his pro-French Republic? Since this crisis started,has he ever have the courage to address the issue? No. Has he allow the parliament to discuss it.No.Why then are u supporting him? We have restore SC and re-name it Ambazonia,and we are not suppose to come and consult him before doing so.Let him bring his armies.Wata na Wata…..

    • @Kongosa, all those you are naming cannot negotiate because they have ZERO understanding of what is going on. Neither do they know what negotiation is all about, talk less of geopolitics. Ball-a and Munzu are more radical than your so-called leaders, FYI. When a person like Munzu took this fight to LRC, single handedly, Sisiku was still being fed with pap, without sugar. Any SANE person who has put all OUR CMR-puzzles together has had the same picture at the end—SEPARATION is not feasible. It is very bitter, but that is the simple TRUTH abt our reality.

      Corner, Fon Dinka, the father of the name Amba, and guarantee him that you’ll not betray his take. He would tell you that your mov’t’s approach has to be re-visited. How can you take your own children as hostages to make ur case?…

  7. Zam-Zam

    From your rebuttals, your disposition definitely assumes every man has a price tag to his proposition and should therefore sell his conscience when bought over for the right price in your allusion of “bone without meat”. You are one very corrupt greedy African and should be ashamed of your foolish self. Disgrace!

    • If bone without meat can make Cho salivate as seen in London, what more of bone with some meat on it?

      You would face many of my type on your movement’s way, oboy. We are tired of mago-mago while people are dying.

      If you want to get rid of US, show some gratitude and love for your country, CMR.

      CMR is not the worst country on EARTH. On the contrary, we belong to the richest.

      We’ll get there, with or without the war btw Saxon and gaulists clones…

  8. Cameroon will Likely retain the Tittle in Egypt! Congratulations to the Indomitable Lions but above all , Congratulations to Clarence Serdorff and Patrick for Qualifying us?

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