Cameroon Health Workers Doubt Efficacy of Chinese COVID Vaccines

YAOUNDE, VOA | Health care workers in Cameroon say they are reluctant to take the coronavirus vaccines donated by China because they doubt the drug’s efficacy.

On Sunday, 200,000 Sinopharm doses arrived in Cameroon’s capital. Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute accepted the vaccine donation on behalf of President Paul Biya at Yaounde’s international airport, in a ceremony that was broadcast live on state radio and television.

However, the same day in Beijing, a Chinese official said Chinese vaccines provide low protection against the coronavirus and officials are looking for ways to boost the efficacy by mixing them, according to the Associated Press.

In Cameroon, some health care workers are skeptical the Sinopharm vaccine is effective.

“The government should have given more time for trials to be made to see if the side effects on Cameroonians are bearable or not,” said Honorine Aza, a nurse at the Messassi government hospital in Yaounde. “What is the need rushing with a vaccine to Cameroon on Sunday and asking health workers to be vaccinated immediately? I prefer other preventive methods like washing of hands with soap and water, wearing face masks, social distancing and avoiding overcrowded places.”

Clementine Ndjock, 34, is the leader of the Association of Female Traders in Douala. She says several local news organizations like Cameroon state broadcaster CRTV, Canal 2 and Star FM have reported cases outside Cameroon of potentially serious side effects after taking the vaccine. She wants Cameroon and China to prove that the vaccine is safe.

Cameroon Health Minister Manaouda Malachie was the first to get injected with the vaccine. He says the vaccine is safe and is encouraging everyone to get it voluntarily.

While he says he understands that some people are scared because of reports that fake vaccines were discovered in China, he stressed that the vaccines in Cameroon were taken directly from the factory making them in China. Malachie says although there may be side effects, there is no scientific evidence of a death being causally linked with the coronavirus vaccine.

On Monday, Cameroon’s Medical Council said about 400 people — including 90 health workers — had received the Sinopharm vaccine.

The government had projected at least 1,000 to be vaccinated 24 hours after the doses arrived.

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  1. This fake government, should not even be taken for granted, on any issue. The likes of
    Dr. Ngwanyam, will say the vaccine is good. But complaints are following just immediately.
    Cameroon gov`t, will pay cash when you die, but the most important of it all, is that seeing
    you physically, is more important.

  2. Chinese admit the vaccine is not good . So instead of throwing it away, they head to lrc to give to their good friend to pass it on as a mighty act benevolence and love for his people. Everything is a gift from Biya, what is tax revenue for; a gift to the giver of all gifts!!!

    • And the `ngong` pm, was there handy, to receive it. And you know what,
      they say it is not compulsory. Everyone has to be careful, cause a few of the
      vacines they will take, will surely be the good ones, to confuse and convince
      `dogs`. Biya`s legacy, is to cause maximum harm before he too, leaves the scene.