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Cameroon police arrest suspected traffickers of human bones

YAOUNDE, Jan. 3 Xinhua | Cameroonian police have arrested three people suspected of trafficking in human bones in the capital Yaounde, according to a press briefing on Friday.

Police presented the suspects and the human bones during a media briefing.

The traffickers were caught in a neighbourhood in Yaounde in possession of a bag containing human bones reportedly deterred from graveyards in the city.

According to police, the human bones were meant to be sold for the sum of 15 million CFA francs (about 25,553 U.S. dollars).

Body parts of humans and rare animals are prized by some in central Africa for their supposed supernatural powers, and used in occult ceremonies.

Traffickers often get human remains from grave-robbers, but a recent spate of killings has also been linked to the gruesome trade.

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  1. Brown Sugar ( Abuja )

    Even the dead can no longer find peace in their grave, what is going on? The love for money, power and sex is turning the world upside down gradually.

  2. Grassfielders in their retarded practices

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