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Cameroun : l’ambassadeur de Russie blessé par deux bandits

africanews | L’ambassadeur de Russie au Cameroun a été blessé le dimanche 9 septembre dernier à Yaoundé.

Anatoly Bashkin

Les auteurs seraient toujours en cavale.

Une promenade de santé qui a bien failli envoyer dans l’au-delà Anatoly Bashkin. Selon une lettre de l’ambassade russe rendue publique ce lundi 10 septembre sur Twitter par une journaliste camerounaise, l’ambassadeur de Russie au Cameroun aurait été attaqué le 9 septembre par deux bandits.

« L’Ambassade de la Fédération de Russie en République du Cameroun présente ses compliments au Ministère des Relations Extérieures et a l’honneur de les informer que SEM Anatoly Bashkin, Ambassadeur Extraordinaire et Plénipotentiaire de la Fédération de Russie a été attaqué par deux bandits armés au cours d’une promenade à Mont Fébé le 9 septembre 2018 », peut-on lire dans la lettre.

L’attaque s’est produite au moment où le diplomate russe se promenait dans un jardin du célèbre et luxueux hôtel Mont Fébé. Et pendant que le diplomate contemplait du haut des quelque 800 mètres d’altitude, Yaoundé la capitale, deux bandits ont surgi comme du néant et ont attaqué l’ambassadeur.

Les deux bandits seraient jusqu’ici en cavale. La Russie exhorte le Cameroun à retrouver les deux agresseurs. La réaction du gouvernement camerounais ne devrait pas tarder.

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    Ex-convict Atangana will soon accuse the “secessionists”.


      This is so because there is now an atmosphere of paranoia in Dictator Biya’s ISLAND OF PEACE because of the so-called secessionists.


      “Les services de renseignements de la ville de Kribi, et même ceux de Yaoundé auraient reçu l’information selon laquelle des personnes encore non identifiées et présentées comme des membres de la République d’Ambazonie seraient entrées dans la ville avec un important stock d’armes de guerre et de munitions. Ces personnes s’apprêteraient ainsi à semer le chaos et la désolation au sein de la population, et à frapper certains points névralgiques de la ville”.i

  2. First of all our diplomats are supposed to be treated with utmost respect and offered protection from unruly behavior. This of course depends on their staying within diplomatic circles, not in a chosen privacy. If there is one safe place in Cameroon, it ought to be Mont Febe Hotel. Armed thieves lurking around with all the armed military at this time? But why raise the alarm/SOS 24 hours later instead of while the villains were within sight of the crime?

    So much of what is reported these days calls for over-stretching the credulity of Cameroonians. The supposed gangster arrested in a village in the north-west, the road damaged in Akum, etc. How did an evil doer have access to the keys of a SATOM caterpillar in Akum, operate it for so long on a very busy highway without being caught?

  3. Who cares he’s only a Russian

  4. Who else goes to such a place other than birds of the same feathers? He might have
    behaved like the US ambassador did a short while ago or something more and he is
    on the list.

  5. Am just wondering! what Good is the cameroon Parliament , the senate and Constitutional counsel if none of them is allowed to debate the main issue facing the country and resolve the matter once and for all.Why should Anglophone cameroonians risk their life to go vote if there is no clear feature for them in a United cameroon?

    • Korak @ just taking a much lighter angle on this, at least the speaker of the parliment isnt wasting time on banning false eyelashes and false fingernails in the parliment, as they did in Tanzania !! Sorry i couldnt resist

      • C’est une grave crise de mauvais leadership. Un bon leader écoute les sentiments de son peuple, que vous ayez ou non la solution. Peu importe que les dirigeants ne prévoient pas résoudre les griefs, la plupart des gens qui se plaignent le font simplement parce qu’ils veulent que quelqu’un les écoute. diffusent leurs inquiétudes et leurs inquiétudes mais au Cameroun, quand les gens se plaignent. Ils sont tués ou enfermés indéfiniment. Je me demande juste! qu’est-ce que le parlement camerounais, le sénat et le conseil constitutionnel si aucun d’eux n’est autorisé à débattre de la question principale du pays, de la crise anglophone et de le résoudre une fois pour toutes? Pourquoi les représentants n’ont-ils pas discuté de cette question?

      • This is a Serious Crisis of bad leadership. A Good Leader listen to his people’s grivances wether you have the solution or not .It doesn’t matter even the leadership do not plan on resolving the grievances, most people who complain , do so just because they want someone to listen, for them to airout their concerns and their worries but in Cameroon , when people complain .They get killed or locked up indefinitely. Am just wondering! what Good is the cameroon Parliament , the senate and Constitutional counsel if none of them is allowed to debate the main issue facing the country , the Anglophone Crisis and resolve it once and for all.Why has this matter not been discussed by the representatives?

        • Such a man and his croonies, are not called leaders.
          Call them armed bandits, killers, dictators, cultists and so on
          and you are on track.

        • [email protected] why people in general want to blame grivences on one man and give everyone else ,including the opposition a free lunch ,in responsibility, in contributing to their countries good administration ,is also ,beyond me .
          Someone complained to me once ,in general ,about Goodluck as a leader and i asked him would this person ,personally ,really want the job of ,responsibly ,looking after 180 million plus citizens,as it must be one of the most difficult jobs in the world ,he paused and thought for a momment and said no,he actualy had not thought of the presidency in that way before .These institutions dont work at a decent pace unless civil servents are steamlined (bad ones sacked and citizens actually use them .

        • Don’t worry. This has just opened a good market for the Ambas boys to buy arms from Russia and have them brought in without searches. Its called diplomatic immunity and the French use it with impunity to arm La Republique du Shit Hole. If Russia want revenge, give us 1000 kalishnikovs and the will be done .Russia does not need any oil nor gold. They have all that. They just need bananas and we have them in abundance. Hey, uncle Putin, remember Patrice Lumumba University in your country? You did it for your love for the suppressed. Look to Ambazonia to rekindle that love for Africa.