Chinese firm starts phase II construction of Kribi Deep Seaport in Cameroon

Global Times | This aerial photo taken on Oct. 22, 2022 shows the caisson for the construction of phase II of Kribi Deep Seaport in Kribi, Cameroon. China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd. (CHEC) has started construction work on the second phase of the Kribi Deep Seaport in southwestern Cameroon with the installation of the first caisson that form the wharves. (Xinhua/Luo Yu)

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    • what is the economic sense in using the same one billion to build a sea port?a good steel plant cant be setup for say 800 million dollars.this plant will aliment other industries like manufacture of windows,pots ,spoons ,even car manufacturing,shipbuilding.this whole value chain has been cut by using the current approach of bringing in foriegn companies.some may say working with strategic partners is necessary which is true but this countries should be brought in under a long term strategy worked out to use them to build our stregnth while giving them money in exchange.building capabilities must be a central part of this strategy.