Cough syrup killing a dozen in Cameroon likely made in India

Samaa English | Deaths of over 300 infants on three continents were linked to drugs last year

Over the past few months, more than a dozen children in Cameroon have tragically passed away, with authorities linking it to a cough syrup potentially manufactured in India.

Photos of the medication box have revealed a manufacturing licence number that matches Indore-based Riemann Labs, several Indian news outlets reported.

However, the company has stressed its use of strict quality controls and noted that counterfeiting is common.

This revelation raises the prospect of a third mass death event linked to exported Indian cough syrups in less than a year.

Toxic cough syrups have become a growing threat in recent months, with the United Nations so far linking nine countries to the sale of tainted syrups.

The deaths of over 300 infants on three continents were linked to the drugs last year.

Photos provided by a health official in Cameroon indicated that the boxes of Naturcold medication bore the relevant licence number – albeit without a manufacturer’s name.

Riemann director Navin Bhatia told Bloomberg during an interview that the drugs in the photo “look like ours”.

“They look like ours, but we cannot be sure. There is so much duplicacy there. Based on the quality of our product, it is doubtful. I am 110% sure that my product is not contaminated — what we sent from here. We pay extra attention to quality. Everything is done to ensure safety,” the publication quoted him as saying.

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