Eto’o fires Cameroon FA workers for reporting late for work

soccer24 | Recently-elected Cameroonian Football Federation president Samuel Eto’o reportedly fired some of the association’s workers this morning, after they reported for work late.

The former Barcelona and Inter Milan striker was elected president of the federation on Saturday, after beating incumbent Seydou Mbombo Njoya by 43 votes to 31.

Eto’o, according to Cameroonian publication CFoot, arrived at the federation’s offices at 7:30am, and all workers who came after 8am were sent back home.

The publication also claims that Eto’o made it clear to the workers yesterday, that work starts at 8am.

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  1. Reversing any situation demands firm radical action.

    • Don’t only fire but provide them with better pay packages. Secondly on your first day you don’t fire people you set expectations and objectives. This is a short term reaction which will instead cost his leadership more headaches in the long-term. Haven worked in Cameroon and understand the challenges it is of imperative he gets to build a trust working environment instead of a dictatorial one. Well hopefully the federation doesn’t run into law suits for wrongful termination. People who may not want him to succeed will take advantage of opportunities like this. Goodluck to him, wish him all the best.

      • That is so true Andy.His actions may come back to hurt him

      • I am happy for this action. They must have been told previously that they should show up on time. No man who has ever run a business will condem Eto’s actions

      • Andy onktaeb,,,, it is well explained that they held a meeting the previous day and new rules were fixed including arriving work at 7H30. Without DESCIPLINE nothing reasonable can be achieved. you don’t reverse a situation by tolerating something like this. He must be very radical and firm. Everyone should know that the SLITEST error and they are out. this is how a strong working culture is created.

      • If the dictator is a good one & works toward reviving the system to benefit everyone, I will welcome him. There is a difference between a bad & a good dictator. China for example has a good dictator, and everyone loves him. He has taken over almost all the mine fields in Africa & perhaps including Uganda only international airport for Chines interest. In 1983-1987, we had our own nice and good dictator (Thomas Sankara) of Burkina Faso, the West passed though us his brothers to kill him. Why is it that when a good thing is about to happen in Africa, only the Africans will rush to kill it?

        Eto’o has worked with the strictest football managers in the world (Frank Rijkaard, Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola). Do you think Eto’o would have been where he is today if he was a mediocre ?

  2. I remember my days back home when Inoni Ephraim showed up at my place of work when he became pm to see who was at work. We all know what became of him.Hmmmm eto petit le jouer que tu engager la vas te depasse .viola la cameroun pour vous.

    • Fear is not a recepiee for success for a leader. Do the right thing and it adds up to success. People will always complain, that is human nature.

      It is sad that mediocracy is today cherished or acceptable by the masses in Cameroon. It has become a way of life. Everyone blames Paul Biya but refuse to take responsibility for their own actions.

      • He was supposed to give verbal then written warning before firing.

        • The fired workers had been warned the previous day. I am sure the Oga (Eto’o) must have been told of their laziness and lukewarm attitude in a healthy work environment prior to day one. Eto’o is not a child. He has played professional football in the best clubs around the globe, and his name has featured in the best titles football rewards. He knows what kind of work culture will bring success in the Fecafoot environment. Many years ago, Eto’o had been critical of the management of Facafoot. I hope we all still remember why the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon arrived late at the Brazil world cup tournament in 2014…Those already inside the house of Fecafoot are afraid to carry a radical change because they are corrupt…

          Give Eto’o a chance and pray for him.

  3. This is a non-event.It has nothing to do with football.An illegally elected president have started creating enemies at his first day at work……He should enjoy it while it last…..

  4. Brown Sugar (Abuja)

    In Nigeria we say initial GRAGRA OR GARA GARA. i hope he can sustained the tempo.

    It is good to set a standard though, he should continue to lead with integrity for others to follow.

    Himself should never come to work after 8am, to avoid backlash.

    I wish Eto’o the best.

  5. Africans or Cameroonians will respect punctuality and codes of conduct at the places of work in Europe or other developed countries for fear of terminating their employment contract or being FIRED. Consequently the decision taken by the the new elected PRESIDENT OF THE CAMEROON FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION is professionally superb and sends a message to other employees in that industry. Cameroon and Africa as a whole needs people like the new elected director to curb Lateness, corruption and other malpractices at the places of work in general. BRAVO and KEEP UP with the spirit of DISCIPLINE respecting the employment and employee act at the place of work.

  6. Le RPDC a bien compris que si on donne la Fecafoot à Etoo, même s’il est incapable, le Cameroun est en fête.

    I am not your fan or supporter. I am 100% in support of your action.
    Set the bar up- and your workers will follow. We are tired of mediocrity in our work force performance.
    If the fired workers had an appointment to see Biya at 8:00 AM, wouldn’t they have came to Etoudi at 5:00 AM waiting for Biya? The same guys attend meetings or appointments in the West on time but when it is their home, they do as usual. My brothers on this forum let us pray for this guy, he may be the small hand (1Kings 18:44) rising from the sea that will bring rainfall (blessing) in that corrupt nation.

    Knowledge is not enough to change the condition of black people. Understand that we need to create programs and systems that will empower us …we need courage & action. Thomas Sankara.