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John Fru Ndi

Gunmen kidnap Cameroon opposition leader in restive Anglophone region

YAOUNDE (Reuters) – Unidentified gunmen in Cameroon’s Anglophone region kidnapped the leader of one of the country’s leading opposition parties on Friday for the second time in two months, his party said.

Separatist rebels are battling government forces in English-speaking areas of the bilingual central African country, where the Francophone majority has long dominated.

John Fru Ndi, who heads the Social Democratic Front (SDF) and finished runner-up to President Paul Biya in the 2011 election, was seized from his home in the city of Bamenda by gunmen who wounded his bodyguard, an SDF statement said.

Fru Ndi’s current whereabouts were unknown, it said.

Fru Ndi, 77, was also abducted in April in the town of Kumbo during a funeral procession and held for a few hours before being released. The SDF said Anglophone secessionist militants took him and tried to convince him to support their cause, though no one claimed responsibility.

The SDF has called for Biya, who has served as president since 1982, to step down in favor of a transitional government than can resolve the conflict.

But the party has not endorsed secession, angering separatists who turned to violence in late 2017 after the government suppressed peaceful protests against the Francophone majority’s alleged marginalization of Anglophones.

The United Nations estimates the conflict has killed about 1,800 people and displaced over 500,000 in less than two years.

Switzerland said on Thursday it had agreed to mediate talks between the two sides, although some of the separatists said they would not speak to the government until it ceased hostilities.

Cameroon’s linguistic divide harks back to the end of World War One, when the League of Nations divided the former German colony of Kamerun between allied French and British victors.

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  1. A drowning man, clings on anything for survival so we know it. With blood money
    being pumped into the Mr. Biya`s war against SC, nothing, should be taken for a
    surprise. Please Atanga Nji, tell your boys to give Ni John his due respect. He
    should be released immediately.
    If Switzerland opts to mediate to stop the Mr. Biya`s war on SC, kidnaping Ni John
    Fru Ndi to give Amba boys a bad name, is not the best strategy. It`s all childish.

  2. Kikikikikikiki pls kill him pls kill him water nah water

  3. Amba should prove themselves by killing him kikikikikikiki period. Pls don’t release him Just beheaded him

  4. Release the oldman guys he is a distraction.

  5. Fru Ndi was kidnapped by the FAKE Amba boys created by the ex-convict called Atanga Nji. Simply put, the chairman was kidnapped by LRC.

  6. This is what these terrorrists are good at. Kidnappning old defendsless people.
    The so called “Amba boys ” should go to Yaoundé and kidnapp the guards at Kondengui and take Sisiku Ayuk and his gang out.
    Bunch of cowards!

  7. Dear bastards – bamendayboy / Bikutsi and others, Amba boys have done big, more
    than what you think. They have challenged the cultist Mr. Biya, France, the dumb
    military, UN, EU,etc etc. Now, Switzerland out of shame, is talking. Grow up and see
    more than you have done so far. The Sheep called bamendayboy, has never had any
    meaningful contribution ever since, he came on. Love your fatherland, by being
    objective. That way, you are adding your contribution for a better fatherland. Your
    poor parents and teachers, must be ashamed of you, in their small corners.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      @Dumb Terrorist Joshua

      You continue to expoe your stupidity!

      The UNHCR has declared that you ambafool supporters and terrorists are insane and you are not ashamed to say that the ambafools have challenged the UN? Well you are clearly insane to think that you have challenged the UN.

      How do you challenge Paul Biya by deproiving children from the NW/SW from education for 3 years!

      You ambafool terrorists have challenged the proud Cmeroonians of the NW/Sw aka Black Legs and the Black Legs Brigade has risen to the challenge. You ambafool terrorists and supporters will never step foot in Cameroon.

      My teachers and parents are proud of me because I will never let any idiot use terror or violence to impose their stupid ambafool opinions on me!

    • @joshua

      Your mami pima your heard me . If u re not happy about my comment go and kill yourself rat .

  8. Kumkum Pass Garri

    We all know that the ambazombie scammers/leaders, terrorist supporters and terrorists are cowards.

    We know that they target the most vulnerable i.e women children and elderly people who can not defend themselves but will never go within 1000 metres of Ekema Patrick or myself because they are scared we will fill their dumb head with bullets!

    The shameless cowards are hiding in the forests and being killed by malaria and hunger. They sneak out of the forests to go kidnap vulnerable elderly people women and children!
    They will never attempt to seize a military barracks because they know they will be neutralized before they even get within 10km of the military barracks. They can not kidnap Paul Biya so they focus on innocent children and parents.

    Shameless Nyamfukahse!

  9. Camer believer (Colby)

    These termites must leave this man alone he don’t share their stupidity .

  10. I feel the pains of the Chairman. However, he has himself to blame. He wanted to have it both ways: with LRC and with the “secessionists”

  11. Kidnapped by LRC thugs. We are well informed on the criminal deeds of LRC

  12. Criticism is good, especially constructive ones. There is something noble in offering helpful critiques to help family, friends and society at large improve the quality of life.
    Even better than criticism is innovation and creativity to bring into existence new ideas and ways of tackling existing problems. Currently the biggest item on the national agenda is dialogue, peace talks, mediation, consultation to end the three-year crisis that has brought the nation to its knees even if those playing ostrich insist that Cameroon is “debout”.
    What is the way forward? Who are the right persons to speak? Where? How? When?

    While high-sounding presumptuous first class citizens excel at tossing verbal missiles at others, they skirt cautiously around these more challenging issues.

  13. Atanga Nji is Amba, Amba is Atanga Nji

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