Samuel Eto’o becomes Grand Notable of Bandja |+ video

On Friday, August 25, 2023, celebrated Cameroonian soccer legend Samuel Eto’o received the title of Grand Notable of Bandja in western Cameroon. The event was graced by regional traditional chiefs and conferred an honorary distinction on the athlete, who has been named African Footballer of the Year four times.

Eto’o, belonging to the Bassa ethnic group, donned local garb, featuring Ndop cloth and a beaded cannet, as he received his honor from the local dignitaries.

This accolade is a profound acknowledgment of Eto’o’s roots and his positive impact on the community. Besides his soccer exploits, Eto’o is renowned for his philanthropic efforts and serves as the president of the Cameroon Football Federation.

This recognition followed shortly after Eto’o was also titled Prince of Assinie in Côte d’Ivoire, the homeland of his wife.

The title of Grand Notable solidifies Eto’o’s standing as a pivotal figure in both Cameroon and Africa at large, emphasizing his leadership qualities and commitment to public service.

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