Six separatist fighters killed in Cameroon’s restive Anglophone region

Xinhua | YAOUNDE, Oct. 9 — At least six separatist fighters have been killed in clashes with government forces in Cameroon’s war-torn English-speaking region of Northwest, security sources said on Sunday.

They were killed after the army raided their camp in Djotin of the region on Saturday, a military official in the region who asked not to be named said.

Three fighters were captured alive and ammunition was seized during the operation, the official added.

Northwest is one of the two English-speaking regions of the Central African country where separatists have been clashing with government forces since 2017 in an attempt to establish an independent state they called “Ambazonia”. Enditem

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  1. We have entered a world of mass geo strategic entities. Even Cameroon is not viable with less than fifty million people. The whole economy has to be integrated into the Nigerian economy in order to have a vast market where capital occumulation for the establishment of heavy industry is possible. Can Cameroon compete in scientific and technical terms, not to say ambazonia? The enormous amount of money and human resources necessary to establish a space and nuclear program for defense makes Cameroon invaible as a state.without settlites that can cover the whole earth from higher orbit. We are setting up our people for slaughter out of ignorance. Without nuclear dessuation capability, we are not even existing.

  2. Can ambazonia, south Sudan or Eritrea accomplish any of this?

    • I beg to differ with you. If that was a major consideration for the survival of small states, then New Zealand, Singapore, and other countries with a population of fewer than six million people will cease to exist. But the survival of small countries depends on how they can better manage their resources, indulge in strategic partnerships, better stewardship-visionary leaders, and powerful institutions with checks and balances. Globalization leads to the better positioning of smaller states rather than it ushering in their demise.

      • ROY SANGO,,,,, in a world where powerful states write laws and and get small weak states to implement. You want to be as powerful as possible in order to survive in such a hostile world where zero some game is the rule. What is the use of Singapore, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden? This territories are vassal states to who America dictate its will. Non of them can sustain a space program for national defense. Thier security depends on America. of what good is such existence? Can Finland Nokia compete with china’s Huawei and its one point three billion consumers? Can Korea’s Samsung with fifty million inhabitants sustain competition long term with china’s Huawei? I bate you they will lose market shear continuously because of shear cize.large powerful small weak.