South Korea breaks into Top 5 of Cameroon’s suppliers for the first time in 2022

Business in Cameroon | For the first time ever, South Korea has made it into the top 10 list of Cameroon’s suppliers, landing at number 5 in 2022. According to Cameroon’s National Statistics Agency, INS, South Korea shipped goods totaling 184,000 tons and valued at CFA171.2 billion to Cameroon during this period.

Imports from South Korea accounted for 3.5% of the African nation’s total imports, as per INS, which pointed out that South Korea took over the fifth position from Belgium, knocking it down to 11th. This marks a significant change in Cameroon’s trade landscape, showing that new partners are coming into play, according to the INS.

The top three suppliers for Cameroon in 2022 were China, holding 15.8% of the market share, followed by India with 10.8%, and France with 8.2%.

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