“What Paul Biya did”: Samuel Eto’o finally breaks his silence

Afrique Sports | Samuel Eto’o is going through very challenging times. The legend of Cameroonian football, who has not been spared on the front of Cameroonian football management, recently buried his father. During the emotional funeral, he showed deep emotions. He seized the moment to talk about Paul Biya, the president of Cameroon.

During the moving funeral of his late father, David Eto’o, the legend of Cameroonian football, Samuel Eto’o, took the opportunity to pay a heartfelt tribute to President Paul Biya. During his poignant testimony, the president of FECAFOOT praised the efforts made by the head of state to facilitate access to the Ngambé site, where the funeral ceremonies were taking place. This significant gesture deeply moved the audience.

Samuel Eto’o’s Strong Tribute to Paul Biya

Clearly touched, Samuel Eto’o began his speech by expressing his gratitude to the president of the Republic. “First and foremost, I want to express my profound gratitude to the head of state, His Excellency Paul Biya, for all the efforts he has made to make the Ngambé site accessible,” he said, his voice filled with emotion. This tribute is particularly important given the difficulties of accessing the Eto’o family’s hometown. Nestled in the heart of the equatorial forest, Ngambé is generally inaccessible via difficult-to-traverse routes. However, thanks to President Biya’s personal intervention, the road was specially prepared to allow guests to pay their final respects to David Eto’o. Beyond its practical aspect, this gesture holds deep symbolic significance for Samuel Eto’o and his family. “Through this particular attention, President Biya has once again demonstrated his deep attachment to our family and his gratitude,” emphasized the former captain of the Indomitable Lions.

It should be noted that the presence of a personal representative sent by Paul Biya to attend the funeral, despite a busy schedule and protocol constraints, further underscores the respect and consideration shown toward the Eto’o family. This remarkable gesture did not escape observers. Through this recognition, the special bond between Samuel Eto’o and his country is also evident.

Samuel Eto’o Pledges Love to Cameroon

As a national icon who proudly represented Cameroon on football fields worldwide, Samuel Eto’o has never hidden his deep attachment to his homeland. “Everything I am, everything I have accomplished, I owe it to Cameroon and its people. And I will never forget the unwavering support that President Biya has always given me, in good times and in bad,” confided Eto’o, visibly moved to tears. This connection with Cameroon transcends Samuel to encompass the entire Eto’o family. From David, the humble and respected patriarch, to his illustrious sons, each has contributed in their own way to the country’s international renown. It’s a legacy that the president of FECAFOOT pledges to uphold and enrich. “My father instilled in us the love for Cameroon and the willingness to give everything for its development and its radiance. It’s a commitment that I take to heart and that I will strive to honor all my life,” he concluded, amidst the audience’s hearty applause.

This commitment resonates as a promise for the future, to maintain this strong bond between the Eto’o family and their country, founded on mutual respect, gratitude, and dedication. It’s an inspiring example that once again demonstrates Cameroon’s ability to recognize and honor its most eminent children.

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