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Gov’t fumes at US ambassador for legacy lesson to Biya

Journal du Cameroun | The Ambassador of the United States to Cameroon, HE Peter Henry Balerin has come under fire for telling Cameroon’s President Paul Biya to think about his legacy ahead of the 2018 Presidential elections.
Several government officials including top brass of the Cameroon’s People Democratic Movement, the CPDM have described the Ambassador’s statement as misplaced and an attempt to interfere into the affairs of a sovereign state like Cameroon.

Cameroon’s Communications Minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary said the statement for the US diplomat is an attempt to infantilise the Cameroonian nation.

“We do not accept the infantilisation of the Cameroonian nation. It is with full knowledge of the facts that they (Cameroonians) put their ballot in the ballot box,” Issa Tchiroma told Africanews.

On his part, Higher Education Minister and Communication Secretary of the ruling CPDM party said only the Cameroonian people can decide what is best for them and it is in the interest of the ambassador to respect the people’s choice.

After meeting the Head of State Paul Biya on May 18 to present President Donald Trump’s message to the Cameroonian people ahead of the National Day celebrations, the US Ambassador “suggested to President Biya that he should reflect on his legacy and how he wants to be remembered in the history books to be read by generations to come, and proposed that George Washington and Nelson Mandela? were excellent models.”

The upcoming months will be crucial for Cameroon that is expected to hold Municipal, Legislative and Presidential elections amidst widespread violence in the two English-speaking regions.

At least five opposition leaders have already announced their intentions to run for the Presidential election though Paul Biya, 83, who has been in power since 1983 has still not made it clear if he will stand re-election for another seven-year mandate.

Journal du Cameroun |

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  1. The U.S. has no moral authority when it comes to fair politics or democracy. When you have the kind of president you have currently, who came to power under questionable circumstances and who runs the country as an autocrat while the Republican side is watching passively and at times applauding, you have lost any credibility and should not allow yourself to criticize others who may be doing the same. Your so-called president put his incompetent family members at key governmental positions you said nothing. You cannot complain about the treatment of ‘southern Cameroonians’ on one hand and treat black people worse than animals in your own country on the other hand! the U.S. has become the largest banana republic in the western world, led by a Nazi.

    • If I may ask, have you ever heard of a physician whose family members died of the common ailments striking his patients? If your answer is yes, therein lies the rationale behind the US Ambassador’s effort. If we must be perfect physicians in treating members of our immediate family before venturing out there, I am afraid no one will qualify to treat. The same goes for those at the pulpit; your pastor is certainly not perfect, yet he preaches the word of God to you. Think about that.

      • You earn respect when you practice what you preach. That is all what my dear good friend Confucious is suggesting. This your Physician patient analogy is stupid and unnecessary Grand Pa Dinga.

    • The Beti Chief is out to defend his birthright – power stolen from the ballot box. See who is talking on both side of his mouth yet hiding in America, enjoying the fruit of free speech, hard work and democracy his ethnocentric clan is denying the rest of the country. At least Trump has only 4 years to defend his political assertions which he will pay by being voted out according to popular opinion. Who will vote out your uncle who uses civil servants, state TV, appoints every single one of authority, Change the firm of the state with a stroke of the pen and call it dogma, punish those with contrary opinions and call them terrorist? What was the qualification of his nephew and Director of CNPS Mekoulou Mvondo or that of his wife’s cousin who is the Director of Budget Antoine Samba?

      • @ Dot, Why do you Ambazonians always curse or refer to anglophones whose ideas are different from yours Beti, Bamileke, Francophones or a Biya supporters? You with your thin skin are angry when you are called Biafra but have no problem calling Francophones Frogs or cursing the Beti people even though they have nothing to do with the Biya regime.

        Having said the above, I think this Chiroma man is joking with Trump. Trump is no Obama or Clinton. He can take Biya out in a second if you mess with his ambassador. He is not afraid to go against France and Europe and might be our only hope to take out Biya. I hope this gets to Trump’s ears as he doesn’t like to be challenged by anybody not to talk of a challenge from a sh’t hole regime like Biya’s.

        • It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that this francophone taught excuse you keep putting forward was not wired in your psyche in Mezam you this LRC Satan.

        • @ dot, I am a proud Santa son of the soil and you can’t do anything about it. I have nothing to do with Ijagam people with tainted Biafra blood. You behead people and want me to support you because we speak English as a result of colonization? No way. We the people of Santa don’t have a common culture and ancestry with you chop dog Biafra people from Ijagam in the Manyu division. You have no right to determine my country for you are not 100% Cameroonian. You are free to join your Biafra brothers from the other side of your border as they also want to separate from Nigeria. Cameroon will never ever be separated by Ibiobio people. Stop destroying our villages and go join your Biafra brothers in Nigeria. You can form your Ambazonia Biafra country there. It will never happen in Cameroon.


      You seem very confused. Trump may be a bad leader, but remember he was elected and has one more term to rerun. Biya has been there for 35 years and the Ambassador is asking him to consider not to run again……One person to lead a country for more than 40 years and that sound ok to you? This dude is even too old to be President again… People close to him on his way back to Unity Palace on May 20th realize his pant was wet behind. May be his diaper was over soaked with pee after long hours in the field….Is this the kind of humiliation we want????

    • More power to you @ confucius!

    • us ambassador doesn’t the right at all levels to lecture Biya. or I will call him personal non grata

  2. Talking about US infantalisation of the Cameroon State, LRC should first of all have that discussion with France before she turns elsewhere to start pointing fingers.

    I do not support western nations coming in and meddling in the business of African states, but how do you talk about infantilising the state without noting the fact that Cameroon is a French puppet state?

    • @ Eyallow
      I am dying to know the meaning of Minister Issa Tchiroma’s “infantilization” and how it looks like on the ground. Is it not true that the only sin the ambassador has committed is that he sang a discordant tune in a world accustomed to praise-singing?

  3. When the US donates two planes to Biya’s ISLAND OF EVIL, the government and apologists claim that the US likes Bika and is against the so-called “secessionists”,

    However, now that the same US has told Biya the truth that he has outlived his usefulness after 36 years, the GOC is accusing the US of aiding and abetting to destabilise the country.

    WHO IS FOOLING WHO ????????

    • 1. “…..only the Cameroonian people can decide what is best for them and it is in the interest of the ambassador to respect the people’s choice.”

      2. ….only the Ambazonian people can decide what is best for them and it is in the interest of the citizens of LRC to respect the people’s choice.

      Simply put, the Anglophone Question is a SELF-DETERMINATION Question. Only the Anglophones can “decide what is best for them”.
      Dictator Biya should stop trying to determine for the Anglophones because it is simply a sheer waste of time and energy.
      The Anglophones did not ask Biya for a Bilingual Commission. Biya decided for them

      HYPOCRITE LRC should “first take the plank out of [her] own eye, and then[she ] will see clearly to remove the speck from [the eye of the US].


      • The United Snakes of AmeriKKKa will remain the United Snakes of AmeriKKKa.
        Nothing more, nothing less.

        • I can read the fear and desperation in your voice. You who has been repeating to whoever wants to listen , that Biya is France and France is the UN. America is part of the UN, so how can you show off the UN and spit on one part of it turn in turn? You are noted for being a sanctimonious hypocrite, deal with that!

        • Just having a brain is not enough to interact with Moi.
          You need to light it up,for me to take you seriouly.

  4. Accepting American military aid Proudly, celebrating cooperation with American military in training the BIR, using the same BIR with American military planes to kill innocent villagers in West Cameroon jubilantly.
    Aftican imperialist accept western aid to use and kill their own citizens then complain when westerners question their dictators.
    So long as you remain dependent on western aid, so long as your head of state spends 70% of his time in office in Switzerland, so long as all the money embezzled from poor Africans ends up in banks in western capitals, the West will continue to treat you as nothing but puppet nations.
    Why are you killing innocent villagers in West Cameroon because of their land and forced Francophonization?
    You are all Creators of despair in Cameroon.

    • Some of us are beginning to like trump now. kkikikikikikiki. lol.
      They are just asking biya not to run again, otherwise he’s go to be Gadafi’s bedfellow.
      Ambazonia must be free.
      Aluta Continue. Vitoria Acerta.

  5. This loud mouth talkative Tchiroma should just declare the amabassador terrorist and arrest him like they do with civilians. Fools thought Trump was now their friend because he donated them 2 spitfires. What a joke. When you beg, be ready to be pushed around anyhow by the donor. Wait and see how Trump will roast you all with no remorse.

  6. You people can make any level of Pandemonium that you so wish to make. The net is getting closer to you people. If America decides you are all gone. Hench men of this regime that has destroyed the country for the past 36 years continue to support one man to rule over Cameroon because you few benefit from the system. If people above 32 years of age can not write concurs into the civil service why should one man be in power for close to 36 years. Are you guys for real? Its high time we stop this rubbish and put the nation ahead of all personal interest.
    Why on earth will normal good thinking people chose stagnation over innovation. Don’t forget the current ambassador is well versed in African affairs as he has worked In Africa for long so this might just be the start of a bitter pill.

    • Innovation is good, but innovation by or with violence is bad. Really bad, specialy when you are dealing with a violent regime.
      Sisiku and his followers are the stupiesd Africans of all times.

  7. we shouldn’t shake nothing will happen.Biya will be reelected as usual.american ambassador can chant as usual and Biya will still run.the person to be cameroon next president is known but we can’t present him now for in african tradition we can’t talk of the heir of a father when he is still alive.no change will happen in 2018.Paul Biya must preside the 2018 african nation cup opening ceremonies.we all love Cameroon and we can’t allow another scenario to avoid the chaos.Americans know that no cameroonian will accept their proposal or suggestion.we cameroonians know what is good for us!

  8. In 1831 Alexis de Tocqueville, a French sociologist traveled to America to see the new experiment of self-governance being put in place. He observed carefully and admired many things which he took back home to France, including prison reforms and the effort to implant comfort and what goes to bring it about.

    One would have imagined that such good things would filter through to France’s territories, including Cameroon headed by France’s best pupil. Where is all of this good stuff? Rule by remote control or proxy seems to have wiped out all the good things Alexis de Tocqueville brought back. How can a nation plunge into darkness in the twenty-first century? How can Cameroonians go to France, Europe, the US but fail to return with some of the good stuff de Tocqueville brought back??????

  9. Comical Ali, who invited him at Etoudi?…

  10. Foolish Tchiroma. Go ahead and tempt the CIA to back Ambazonian insurgents. Make erreur and die, noise-makers! You cannot insult the American Ambassador and get away with it. France will dump us.

    Our problem is blatant annexation. LRC cannot succeed the failed federation absent approval by the component federal state of SCs in a free and fair. Period.

    • @MD

      stop drinking Guinness or Hennessy, the USA will doing nothing at all .

  11. The evil that men do live with them. As Paul has decided that he wants to kill all southern Cameroonians because of natural resources, the hand of God will bring him down. We want to see people living and not resources. Why are u killing people? Biya God will hold u responsible for all those that have lost their lives in southern cameroon . Why are you afraid of dialogue? Why don’t you want people to come see all the 53 villages that you have burned in southern Cameroon? Why have you caused people to live in bushes as if they are Animals?

    • It is NOT about natural resources. Oil adds only 20% to national budget. President Biya moved in 1984 to consolidate a process of forced unification (annexation) and assimilation began by president Ahidjo in connivance with France.

      The CIA warned Biya in 1986 in a leaked memo that he risks an armed insurrection in the West Country. An annexation is illegal takeover of territory followed by psychological warefare as in “etat unitaire” and national integration, all slogans designed to subvert democratic process alternatives which take time but create a stable entity (e.g. Canada, EU, USA). Mr Biya should resign.

      • @ MD, For your information Cameroon was created by God and not by the West. Nobody can divide it not even your white gods (CIA or EU). It’s funny how you accuse the Francophones of being French slaves and at the same time acknowledging a colonial master’s fabrication called Southern Cameroon which is part of Cameroon that was used for one of the colonial masters national interest.

        • Listen to your stupid utterances Bobjazz. God created the crayfish Cameroon the Portuguese named right. What happened to the parts that joined Nigeria, CAR, Gabon and Congo? You must be the stupidest person on here going about calling people tainted Biafra blood. I hope you maintain the same argument for the villages of Belo, Batibo, Kumbo, Balangi, Banga Bakundu, Kombone, Muyenge, Tombel, Ebonji, Bafia etc. What a load of dullard.

        • @ Dot. Go and join your Ibiobio brothers at the other side of your border who want to separate from Nigeria and form your Ambazonia Biafra republic there. You are wasting your time here in Cameroon for Cameroon will never ever be separated. Un point un trait.

      • @MD

        what the hell the CIA will do, the USA cant even go against the Russia or China

      • MD,

        There is nothing like forced unification in Cameroon, a country that used to ONE; and that was split by imperialist powers without the consent of the people. We are African people; and neither Anglophones nor Francophones.

        The problem lies essentially in the redistribution of national wealth.

        If we cannot settle this issue around the AFRICAN FIREPLACE then we will eventually settle it by the type of war that happened between the North and South Vietnamese… and by the way, the Americans and their rasclaaat CIA were incapable of stopping the FORCED REUNIFICATION of VIETNAM.

        Somehow, a war may be a necessity in Cameroon to help our people understand and embrace their own ideals.

        • A drug addict who chanted ngraffi ngraffi through this forum, accusing them of starting war and swearing the war would not reach his dear SW is now sheepishly saying a war maybe a necessity
          In Cameroon! I now understand why you jumped out celebrating the coming of the killing machine in the SW! It was your believe in war to settle national issues. You have come a full circle!

  12. The truth is better. A 36years and counting Presidency is morally and ethically wrong.

    Now that the US has:

    1. PUBLICLY accused the army of the Commander-in-Chief of war crimes and crimes against humanity
    2. PUBLICLY advised Biya to go,

    the countdown of the end of the era Biya has started. France can NEVER EVER rescue Biya if the US want him gone.

    My advice to Dictator Biya is therefore simple:

    “You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go! “

    • Believe me or not, karma is now coming back on Biya.

      Unfortunately for the evil Dictator, Karma is the worst judge in the entire universe because it can’t be murdered in cold blood, bribed, coerced, intimidated or threatened.


    • Trump promised to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal.
      Macron, Merkel, the EU; UK begged Trump not to do so.
      He said NYET and withdrew.
      Apologists of Biya who claim that Trump can NEVER do anything to Biya without the permission of Biya will soon have a rude awakening
      The history of Mobutu is now repeating itself with Biya.
      I once posted a piece on this forum that Biya will one day end up like Mobutu. The countdown has started.

      • Apologists of Biya who claim that Trump can NEVER do anything to Biya without the permission of France will soon have a rude awakening

        • You are counting on Trump to do what ecactly? Moving Biya from power or helping you distroying our Country?
          Listen, 90% of Cameroonians are tire of Biya and his gvt. Those same 90% and more, will never accept the partition of our Country. You guys have made it very easy for Biya to stay where he is.
          The worst news for you is that every single Cameroonian is now behing the army. The sooner you stop with that madness, the better for you.
          Biya and his army are determinated to finish with you people even if that means exterminate a hole region, they don’t care!
          At the end, Cameroon will remain One and we will just have our scars left.

        • Epée Dipanda

          Stop talking trxsh @Bikutsi.
          Which one is our country? A place where you cannot get promoted because “il parle leur anglais Là”
          Is that one too a country?
          I beg make we hear road!
          Paul Biya had the opportunity to reverse the unilateral destruction of the federation in the interest of diversity management. He refused.
          Right thinking Ambazonians must reclaim their birth rights

        • Soyakutsi,
          Sanctimonious hypocrite, you have come full cycle! I can’t believe my ears when you say everyone is behind the army. Remember you have gone into a shouting march here with Mbamois and US of Africa, accusing them of supporting these killings. Everyone can now see your true colors. You cannot be for and against the army turn in turn weak knee hypocrite!

  13. Ah ah ah ah….It is now that infants in Geopolitics like @Zam Zam and @Ras Tuge are learning their lesson.I had told them that the super power that is behind this Ambasonia bruhaha is waiting for the right moment to step in.When Trump gave them two jets,they rejoiced that Trump is supporting their genocide activities in Ambasonia. They are joking,they don’t even know who, Trump is .In as much as i believe that even France is not on LRC’s side,France don’t even stand a chance to stop Trump from roasting Biya and his gang of terrorist.Macron have accepted an independent referendum for New Caledonia.But Biya says the best way to solve the anglophone crisis is by committing genocide.The battle line has been drawn between Trump and Biya.If Biya cares,he should listen.

    • These things are too big for you to understand, my friend. The Americans simply want to be invited to dinner.

      • Yeah, when the asked Mobutu to leave, they are wanted to be invited to his table!

    • The infant here is you @Kongossa. You must learn about geopolitics, geostrategics, and how this world funtions.
      The United Snakes of AmeriKKKa can never do anything in countries like Cameroon, without the accord of France. Btw, they don’t even care! All these noises are just what we call ” diplomatics brouhaha ” . Biya is working for France, France and the UN are one. The USA, the UN, France are all brothers who look after their interests first! They will never go against each other. NEVER.
      Learn that, and tell your African brothers to do the same.

      • @Bikutsi:
        But they have gone against each other before. Look up 1956 Suez canal incident. The US openly scolded and sanctioned UK and France until they stopped the aggression toward Egypt. Your assertion that they will never go against each other is therefore not founded.

  14. Tchiroma, just got screwed by the right guy at the right time.

    Too old to be president after such a long time in public, my friend

    Time to stop that nonsense, because it is time to `DRIAN THE SWAMP`.
    I trust AMERICANS, they slip in carefully and steadily.

    Weep not child, Tchiroma, they are in for a long haul.

  15. I totally agree only Cameroonian (LRC) can decide who become their President just as Only Southern Kamerunian (Ambazonians) has the right to decide what type Nation they want to live and how the are govern not the Government of LRC in Yaounde. Is I tcherouma me quoted or what does infantilization mean in English ( does such a word exist in English) , Since this crisis started Frogs have been adulterating English in the name of bilingualism . United States is provoking LRC and in their Arrogance LRC is engaging in a war of words rather than keeping quiet.

    • Infantilize is an English word but it is not surprising that you are unfamiliar with the word. The reason is simple: you are not an English-speaker!

      • Oh, so when a rasclaaat Babylon scoundrel belittles and infantilizes you, all you do is keep quiet! What does that make of you? You are a child… most definitely!

    • @ Fire, Don’t forget the fact that Southern Cameroon ( which is not and never was Ambazonia) is part of Cameroon that was fabricated by the colonial masters for their national interest. A few Cameroonians with tainted Biafra blood cannot come and tell us Cameroonians what to do. You are free to go to England or join Nigeria if you think the English language is a very important part of your culture. I am from the Mezan division in the NW province and happen to speak English as a result of colonization and not because it is part of my culture. Kamerun was created by God and nobody can ever divide it again because of some European culture called English or French.

      • It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that this francophone taught excuse you keep putting forward was not wired in your psyche in Mezam you this LRC Satan.

        • @ dot, alias Chop dog Biafra. Go for your country. You can never make us hate our brothers and sisters just because they speak the French man’s language and we speak the English man’s language as a result of some colonial master’s national interest. We will never ever separate from them and join you and your Biafra brothers from the other side of your border. You can call me LRC Satan as many times as you like. It will never change the fact that I am a proud free born from Santa in the Mezam division of the NW province. I will never ever associate myself with evil people who destroy our villages and behead others just because they don’t want to join their madness.

  16. The same lapdogs who were falling over themselves here just a few days ago infantilizing themsslves about a war plane offered by America are now plucking their hair and wagging their fingers. The same running dogs who mock at Anglophones for running to the Queen, see nothing wrong when their supreme leader infantilize himself by ordering a Range Rover made by the same Queen’s subject , at an exorbitant price; all of this at a moment when the country can barely make ends meet. Political gurus like Ras Foolish Banga are biting their tongues and shaking their narcotized brains in disbelief. Nobody goes up against America without paying a price. Take shots against their Ambassador at your own risk! If you heed to the calls for dialogue earlier enough , we won’t be here today.

    • @Firefighter
      As you may have noticed, the Boko Haram mindset puts on different colors in different settings!!!!!!

      Western education is not good, it is evil, it must be wiped out, it has no lessons to give us, bla bla bla. But upon close examination, everything we depend on to wage our battles is the product of the very condemnable western education – cell phones, vehicles, AK-47, etc etc

      Ultimately the problem is not “they” but “us”. Donald Trump’s “shithole” epithet directed at the black continent was received with similar mixed feelings – some of us smiled, some snarled.

  17. Wow!!!!!!!!
    When Donald Trump himself called them “Shithole” leaders, reactions were mixed, some snarling, others smiling. Now this.

    Ultimately we have to decide one way or another. How do we do this? Can onyone suggest a better tool than democracy – not the tainted democracy where one man has the power to appoint/dismiss legislative/judiciary authorities – to resolve the current standoff?

  18. the Cameroon government has the right to saying whatever they want toward us ambassador in Cameroon period.

    I don’t understand why some terrorists are so exciting “kongosa , firefighter,., joshua , mvomeka , md and others raccoon here, its just a statement nothing more and nothing less.

    we all know the USA is a flip-flop country.

  19. Mr. Ambazonia

    When when Mr. Ambassador lambasted Ambazonians in USA, it was all euphoria. Some on this forum informed us the spy aircrafts would be used to fight Ambazonians. They went as far as stating their mastery in American diplomacy by claiming US didn’t want to specifically state they were targeting Ambazonians. Today, same choir boys are raining insults on Mr. Ambassador.

    When civil disobedience was at its peak some people claimed it will never get to the SW. Today, the SW has proven they can manage even tougher challenges.

    Instead of swallowing their pride by acknowledging their baseless claims, they’ve jumped into different hymn books.

    Some have become lecturers teaching Mr. Ambassador what he doesn’t know.

    Wuna ashia!

  20. Ex-convict Atangana bribed the Guardian newspaper to disseminate the FAKE NEWS that Ivo Tapang and Chris Anu will soon be repatriated to the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC. Apologists of the Junta went wild with joy on this forum. They said the FBI will soon stop the transfer of money from the “secessionists” in the US to Ground Zero. It is funny that the same apologists are the persons insulting the US Ambassador for speaking the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about Dictator Biya.
    Any person who knows how the separation of the power of the state in the US will never disseminate such FAKE NEWS.

    • Any person who knows how the separation of the power of the state in the US functions, will never disseminate such FAKE NEWS.
      Unfortunately, ex-convict Atangana is a school dropout and renowned criminal. He thinks that he can use blood money to stop a genuine struggle.
      He is morally and academically UNFIT to be even a chef de bureau in any country that respects the rule of law. Three months after his appointment he has forgotten his TERMS OF REFERENCE ( TOR ) of his office. He now spends his time fighting with Rene Sadi over a Mercedes500.

      • That criminal and murder claimed severally that “THERE WAS ZERO ANGLOPHONE PROBLEM” in LRC.

        The irony of fate is that ex-convict Atangana is now a victim of the Anglophone Question:

        Before he was appointed, Biya divided the super Ministry into two, viz Ministry of Territorial Admin and Ministry of Decentralisation. The budget, personnel, assets and rolling stocks of the superministry were also divided into two.
        The Anglophone traitor was given 50% of the net worth of the super ministry. His power and sphere of influence was also 50% of the super Ministry. That criminal can therefore NEVER compare himself with the Francophone Supr Ministers, Hamidou Yaya and Rene Sadi. His Ministry has de facto been downgraded to a second class Ministry. He is therefore not entitled to a Mercedes500.

    • Some years back, I posted an Article about the BIR on this forum.
      I stated that the BIR was the most indisciplined military on planet earth and very weak. They are trained only to sustain the Junta.
      Any person who claims that the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC will NEVER be divided should consult a psychiatrist. That fairy tale entity is already divided.
      Southern Cameroonians are now sending the BIR back to their country in body bags. The task will take some time but it wll be accomplished.
      The hatred for anything LRC has has crossed the redline of any “vivre-ensembler”
      The union is F-I-N-I-TO. Only daydreamers will continue to claim that the country can never be divided. Serbia, Ethiopia, Indonesia and Sudan also swore that their respective countries could NEVER EVER be divided.

      • The rest is history.

        Dictator Biya SINGLEHANDEDLY started an unwinnable war. Dictator Biya can SINGLEHANDEDLY stop the war.
        Eight million Southern Cameroonians are now prepared to fight to the last man standing.
        The majority of SC Combatants are in the diaspora. They will be entering the war as the need arises. Burning villages in SC will NEVER end the war. This scorched earth tactic is already outdated.
        Elite brigades from the diaspora will sooner than latter enter the war with BOMBS, IMPROVISED EXPLOSIVE DEVICES and ROCKET PROPELLED GRENADES. Bombs will be placed in offices in Yaounde and Douala in order to teach LRC a lesson.

        Believe me or not, SC is gone. It is game over plain and simple



        • Dictator Biya CANNOT SINGLEHANDEDLY stop the war. He needs the blessings of Southern Cameroonians to stop the war.
          If he dares to sign a decree stopping the war, Southern Cameroonians will continue with the BRING IT ON promise made when the beti Dictator declared his FOOLISH UNWINNABLE WAR on them.
          Dictator Biya has now trapped himself between a rock and a hard place. Paul Biya is now a prisoner of his own FOOLISH arrogance, policies and appetite for eternal power. He is unable to free himself and “one and indivisible” SC from himself. If history is ánything to go by, the countdown of the political obituary of Biya has already started. The telling signs are clear that politically things are falling apart around Biya who has become a liability to the country.

        • “Der kleine Vampir” is feared by all, trusted by none and loathed by those who by day even sing his praises, send motions of support and immortality.
          That “der kleine Vampir” is headed for a tragic political and historical downfall can now only be denied by his apologists and Spin doctors who resist the truth and deny reality.

          SC IS GONE. It is F-I-N-I-T-O. Tchau LRCl, es ist vorbei.

          THE WAR CONTINUES…..