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Les séparatistes anglophones favorables au dialogue

africanews | Une véritable surprise, mais agréable. Habitués à des déclarations de défiance vis-à-vis de Yaoundé, les séparatistes anglophones se veulent désormais partisans du dialogue. « Le gouvernement intérimaire (d’Ambazonie, Ndlr.) croit que les négociations peuvent marquer la fin ultime du conflit », a écrit dans un communiqué, Chris Anu, secrétaire chargé de la communication au sein du mouvement sécessionnistes cité par des médias locaux.

Il a toutefois nuancé : « Cela n’est cependant pas encore à l’ordre du jour du gouvernement intérimaire. Le président, Dr. Samuel Ikome Sako, n’a approché et n’a été approché par une personne ou un groupe pour des négociations », a-t-il poursuivi.

Un changement de discours qui intervient dans un contexte où des affrontements entre séparatistes et forces camerounaises de défense font des dégâts importants parmi les civils. Selon le centre International Crisis Group (ICG), au moins 120 civils et au moins 43 membres des forces de sécurité ont été tués depuis fin 2016. Le bilan côté séparatistes est inconnu. Quelque 160.000 personnes ont dû fuir leur logement à la suite des violences, selon l’ONU, et 34.000 se sont réfugiées au Nigeria, selon l’agence nigériane de gestion des urgences (Sema).

Voilà qui sonne comme le début d’un dégel dans cette crise qui met l’unité nationale au Cameroun à rude épreuve. Reste à savoir quelles conditions mettra Yaoundé sur la table.

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  1. i have said here that weneed dialogue instead of fight.we have to think about the legacy of our children and our grand grand children!we shouldn’t sink into violence.we are so good when we are together.let us gather our strengh to build a better Cameroon!

  2. Pourquoi parler des conditions de Yaounde sans mentionner celles de Chris Anu alors?????N’a-t-il pas demande la liberation de tous ceux qui sont injustement detenus/incarceres a Yaounde et ailleurs? La paix ne vient pas par petits morceaux.

    • Who is Christopher Anu speaking for? Who gave him that legitimacy to speak on behalf of the SW… or even the NW? Old man, you think we are children? Let us see if even the scoundrels in the forest would listen to him and return to civilization. Let us see if Akwanga, Ayaba Cho, Boh Herbert and others take orders from him.

      Funny how these delusional adventurers with no sense of direction think they will just walk triumphantly in Cameroon after hiding out in faraway places and sending so many people to their graves… But they will eventually realize that the people that have suffered and physically endured this insanity back home will want to run the show.

      • I see why people call you a lunatic. Focus on the write-up which has nothing to do with your obsession – my old age which you know absolutely nothing about. And to show how obtuse you are, you hardly speak about the old persons paraded daily in your national assembly, senate or government. If you can’t see what is at the tip of your nose, how can you possibly see farther away? You are pressing so hard to sell your picture of an idiot, aren’t you? Is it not possible to skip comments you do not like and process to make yours based on the write-up?

        • Don’t be ashamed of your age, old blasphemous warlock. The blood of the youngsters that have perished in this insanity of yours will haunt you all the way to your grave. Your attempt to sound ghetto are futile… I hope you know that I am immune to vulgarities of quacks. Once I corner you, all you can do is wail like a dog that barks at a flying bird. You don’t own this site, so your rules don’t work for me.

          Now, can you negate what I stated? The answer is no. So what stops you from preventing yourself from commenting?

      • These so-called Ambazonians are crazy Ras. If they think they represent the majority of the people of the SW and NW provinces then they must be dreaming just as they have been dreaming about their virtual republic called Ambazonia. We can never ever be represented by terrorists who destroy our villages, kill, kidnap and behead our people.

  3. THE TIME FOR DIALOGUE IS ALREADY OVER. That was the reason Chris Anu spoke about NEGOTIATION.

    “The word ‘dialogue’ is only applicable to two parties that are still at peace with each other even though in conflict. But once a war is declared the parties can no longer ‘dialogue’. They can either talk about ‘truce’, ‘ceasefire’, ‘peace talks’, ‘surrender’ or ´defeat´. That is why those talking about ‘dialogue’ in Cameroon need to do a reality check on their vocabulary of war and peace”. Nfor N Susungi

  4. We will settle to negotiate on our terms of separation.the train already left that station when the leaders of the consortium were caught.
    Under no circumstances will we accept to even federate with lrc after all what they have done to us.enough is enough.

  5. Cameroon is a Victim of Leadership Failure! Failure to Properly Diagnose this Political Crisis and Solve them politically without Involving the Military, Failure to Negotiate with Moderates when they had the chance to do so, Failure to Acknowledge that they have Failed and Ask for help from the right places! Now they a Failing the PR (Public Relations) Campaign to clean up their Failures!

  6. Negotiation is inevitable, because all crisis and conflicts are always settled on a negotiation table, It is LRC who is not yet Ready for negotiation. WHEN two people living together or two entity want to separate there is always negotiation as to who gets what AS TO what belongs to who and who is to pay REPARATION. I am surprise to hear LRC is surprise that Southern Kamerun is ready to negotiate because we have been calling for negation for more than 56 years

    • The war has not started yet and you are already talking triumphantly! Your little scoundrels are lucky that the government has been extremely cautious and merciful with you but that will soon change. You all will be the ones indemnifying Cameroon for encouraging aggression and crimes against the state.

      Whoever takes up arms against the state becomes a military target that must be neutralized.

  7. A responsible government do not negotiate with terrorists.
    Kamerun could a dialogue with the peaceful Cameroonians of the regions affected by terrorism and see what should be done to bring about security.
    No dialogue or negotiations with vandals and killers.

  8. Nos dirigeants sont une déception. Paul Biya et ses amis chassent la fumée et quittent le feu? ? ? À moins que vous ne régliez les griefs anglophones, aucun nombre de personnes bloquées ne résoudra le problème. Le Cameroun est une victime de l’échec du leadership! Défaut de diagnostiquer correctement la crise politique et de les résoudre politiquement sans impliquer l’armée, Ne pas négocier avec les modérés quand ils ont eu la chance de le faire, Ne pas reconnaître les échecs et demander de l’aide aux bons endroits! Maintenant, ils ont échoué à la campagne PR (relations publiques) pour nettoyer leurs échecs!

  9. The ambashitnian are being humled ah an , smoke them all . We are interested in any dialogue or negotiation anymore . The state has already done everything to address the issues that were raised now it’s time to let the solutions be implemented. You can ask for A at 7am and then start killing people at 7:05am to turn around and complain that the government is not doing anything. As I have already said there is no anglofool problem, there’s no such thing as anglofool régions and Cameroonian will never be divided nor be federated into two states . The Chris anu of the world should either surrender or stop pestering you are in no position of force . Till then eat those bullets . After lying your way to gofundmoney you are now begging and pestering the govt wit your negotiation whatever

    • did you raise any issue,why cry pass man wey yi get die,does it concern you,and who do you term as terrorist,only lrc shit chop broke pot like you can accept shitty things,let the army go and face the real amba boys not going after civilians in the quartiers

  10. THis is just a legitimacy fight many of those so called ambashitnian leaders want to negotiate so bad with the govt just to prop up their names . WHIle the reality on the ground is that cho Ayaba Chris anu & co have no authority , they do not control, command, order and coordinate whatever is taking place in the bilingual regions of SW and NW. This has been proved several times so the govt shouldn’t entertain those punks looking for revelancy . Just engagé then headless groups fighting and smoke them all , send them to their graves most of them are suicidal and suffering from inferiority complex anyway .
    The same way our resident clown Dr No hasn’t been lying about the BIR and how his goons are killing BIR soldiers just to give some importance to the soft targets they killed(pregnant sol

  11. The government has closed the window for verbal dialogue. The dialogue of gun barrels has now created permanent enemies and hardened positions.

    The truth is that even the government is SCARED of a referendum. Nobody knows how PM Philemon Yang would vote in a secret ballot. It is a sovereign matter. Absent federation 1.0, the people of Ambazonia should decide own future for peace in the Gulf of Guinea.

    All the rascal voices seeking to prevail by force over justice shall fail. Over time, Ambazonia will become more dangerously armed. Cannot for example force Zambia and Zimbabwe to live in the same political entity because of their Rhodesian past. The gnashing of teeth in Kamerun is too much amidst unwarranted stubborness.

    • On point. Even when the US ambassador tells them the truth, they refuse.
      Their only strength, is the dumb francophone military, that has waged a
      war to eliminate the hated anglophones.
      Yang, is a puppet, who has no choice.