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Minister of Finance raises alarm about false fiscal stamps which are everywhere in the country

Pursuant to the current tax legislation, fiscal stamps are exclusively sold in tax revenue offices, tax agencies, stamp agencies, general treasuries, finance revenue offices and collection offices”. Such is, in part, the content of a communiqué just published by the Cameroonian Minister of Finance, Alamine Ousmane Mey, who highlights at the same time that the Tax Directorate is always available for any request aiming to authenticate doubtful fiscal stamps.

This release by the boss of public finances comes within the context of an upsurge in complaints from candidates to various civil service examinations, who see their applications rejected at the time of submission, due to false fiscal stamps appearing on the different documents of the recruitment dossier. Indeed, taking advantage of a lack of attention on the part of the candidates’, certain vendors of improvised stamps and other direct sellers stationed around public services that the candidates visit, affix on the applications false stamps showing on their upper sides the amount of “0000 FCfa”, instead of “1000 FCfa”.

This scheme consists in making a less watchful candidate believe that his application has been stamped at the official price, and finally divert the money paid from the State’s coffers. Also, in his communiqué, the Minister of Finance invites users to strictly procure stamps at official sales points, in order to avoid any disappointment.

This practice seems to have replaced that which consisted, for certain tax officials and their accomplices within the companies in charge of the stamping machines, in falsely declaring a given stamping machine out of order. Once taken out of the official circuit, this machine was then fraudulently reintroduced in a parallel circuit to allow members of the network to enrich themselves at the expense of the State.

As a reminder, the stamping machines were introduced in Cameroon some years ago, in order to avoid forgery of physical stamps which was then raging in the country. But, one notes, these stamping machines seem not to have disarmed the fraudsters at all, who continue to cause the public Treasury to lose significant financial resources every year.

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  1. Stop pretending Malam. U know the source and game u guys are playing. The idea of stamps is old fashion. See what other countries are doing. There is a way to end this nicely, and u certainly know. Thieves. What about the Franking project. Big thieves. U guys will rule for ever. We know all the tricks. Swain.

    • That’s right, they can easily computerized them, and put a barcode on them.

  2. Vaiocomputers

    i thought these piece of paper call stamp is out of place

    • They all know what they are supposed to do, they are capable of doing what they are supposed to do but their corrupt and diabolic nature!!!

  3. We must either embrace the new or else get swept away by it. Typewriters have since gone out of business and with them, typists and all those reluctant to embrace ultramodern technology.

    Time is up for fiscal stamps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Is this not an easy thing to set the stamps with codes,sorry if they have to it will be on contract to france,which will further block them,so they better stay this way where their pockets are think,then the little that goes to the states is still heavily pinched to line more pockets.When will old fashioned things change in la republic?everything there is still manual,in the 21st century,massa wuna try change or wuna di wait 2035 wey go be na 20100? all thing for cameroon na total mess.

  5. another pretend blind minister, he is among the crooked, thieving dog ministers, who is he fooling,how long has he been in the corrupt regime, when was he born? he should be pointing a guilty finger at himself and all his fellow thieving ministers in that banana republic ,who has been benefiting in these sort of deceptive fraud and all the backwardness in a slum country,all these unpatriotic fat belly pigs are doing a incompetent job for their own personal financial gains, not for the good of the citizen or country