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Samuel Eto’o réagit aux accusations de blanchiment de la peau

Afrikmag | Depuis quelques jours, Samuel Eto’o est au centre des débats sur les réseaux sociaux et cette fois, ce n’est pas au sujet du football ou ses œuvres philanthropiques. Les fans de la superstar camerounaise l’accusent d’avoir blanchi sa peau.

« Pourquoi Eto’o est-il différent » ? A écrit un fan sur Facebook. « Est-ce qu’Eto’o change maintenant la couleur de sa peau » ? « Pourquoi Eto se blanchit-il la peau » ? C’est autant de questions qui fusent sur la toile depuis que ses récentes photos ont été partagées sur les réseaux sociaux.

Cependant l’attaquant d’Antalyaspor a vite réagit à ces accusations.

« C’est un traitement au laser qui va durer un an à peu près. Et l’un des effets désagréables immédiats est qu’il m’éclaircit légèrement la peau après chaque séance. Mais malheureusement, ma couleur naturelle revient quelques temps après. Je suis fermement contre le blanchiment de la peau.

Il n’y a rien de plus beau que sa couleur naturelle », a déclaré le joueur tel que cité par le magazine Je Wanda.

Son intervention est survenu juste après une publication de son petit frère, David Eto’o qui tentait de faire taire le débat sur le blanchiment cutané volontiers de Samuel Eto’o.

En 2006 alors qu’il jouait pour Barcelone, Samuel Eto’o est presque sorti du terrain quand les supporters ont commencé a entonner des chants racistes. Mais ses coéquipiers et son entraîneur l’ont convaincu de rester. Il faut dire que le joueur est fier d’être noir.

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  1. Deal with your brother Sh*t hole LRC this inferiority complex dude wants to look like his master’s the French. I’ll bet a 1000$ that the douche bag called Mbappe is also trying his hand at bleaching.

    • Truer words have never been said before. Just like his other kinds Rigobert Song, Basil Atangana Kuna, they all now look like Koffi Olomide. Slave mentality.

  2. This na French slave, yi wan look like yi masters for Paris! Meik yi take hot oil throwey for sin sef meik the bleaching go quick quick!

    • @Firefighter
      Call it the curse of being rich but it is regrettably a characteristic of the affluent. If you recall the late Michael Jackson, he left this world a poor mirror image of the handsome, youthful singer of “Jackson 5” Fame, having turned his PCP into a mere employee doing his biddings – nose job here, skin job there, voice, hair etc. Money speaks; others simply listen, nicht wahr?

      • Big John,
        It comes down to self worth. Michael Jackson’s self esteem was destroyed by a bullying father, and he drowned his sorrows by learning how to dance and excelling at it. Everything Eto’o has done over the years is to crave for acceptance, whether by offering gold watches to all team members, or fighting with journalists. Cosmetic surgery or bleaching one’s skin is a way to cosy up to the Jones and be accepted by them. Many cosmetic surgeries led to pain, which brought about insomnia, which necessitated the heightened use of propofol, which in turn subsequently led to Mr. Jackson’s death.

        • …cosy up to the Jonses…

        • Massa hate of Francophones go kill wuna. Even though Eto’o has explained that he is undergoing some treatment which will affect his skin color for a year, you haters are not still satisfied. Wuna live Eto’o alone. He is not and will never ever be an Ambazombie, I don’t know why you guys care about what he does with himself when he is not one of you.



    • Once an individual has risen to a certain level of stardom, he becomes everyone’s commodity for glorification or blame. Surely there were no limitations placed on who should adore his football fame. Why seek to constrain others from expressing how they feel about him now?

      Won’t it be irrelevance dwelling on his soccer Fame whereas the topic under review is something else? Do you realize you are endorsing the very stereotypical mindset which paints Anglophones as terrorists and secessionists, no matter who they are or what they do?

      • They call Anglophones who want to separate secessionists and those secessionists who are promoting barbarism and killings terrorists. The majority of Anglophones are not called secessionists or terrorists. They love their country Cameroon and their main focus is to get rid of the brutal and corrupt Biya regime despite the distraction caused by the secessionists.

  4. Yeah Charles he did a great job playing soccer for sh*t hole lrc.Nobody will ever take that from him.However what he does for LRC is their internal affairs.

    • you seem to have discovered a new word. You call one man a slave while actively making yourself one, so because Trump used that word you also have to use it all over? although he is insulting you. You call upon the British and US everyday and yet complain about France? really?

  5. Look at his fellow football friend. George Weah now a president. He cannot even say anything about the Anglophone problem

  6. vraiment certains d’entre vous camerounais sont vraiment jaloux que s’il choisit de blanchir sa peau comment cela vous consent make we no lie ourselves we everyone of us get mendem for famile way they don rob all sorts of cream. make wuna leave the guy rest no be wuna they feeed the grand and to those expecting eto to talk on the ambazonia issue e tell wuna say e be politician ? all that north west and south west chief them for pay don first talk ? make wuna they reason first. the truth of the matter nah say all man they cover e las.

    • You come across like one of the certified English teachers foisted on children in NW/SW regions. Ideas cannot be communicated without a sensible syntax. And you hurt impressionable youthful learners if you do not desist from exposing them to gibberish!

  7. make eto,o fou ma le quand…..coolest monkey in LRC jungle…
    shithole people

  8. Vaiocomputers

    This is his personal business.He can later on chose to wear wigs.We have a despot to chase from Cameroon.That is too much work but lazy people always have distractive alternatives like beer and social media to communicate with.

  9. Hymne Nationale du Cameroun:

    Oh Cameroun berceau de nos ancêtres
    Va debout et jaloux de ta liberté
    Comme un soleil ton drapeau fier doit etre
    Un symbol ardent de foi et d’unité.
    Que tous tes enfants du nord au sud
    De l’est à l’ouest soient tout amour
    Te servir que ce soit leur seul but
    Pour remplir leur devoir toujours.

    Chere Patrie, terre chérie,
    Tu es notre seul et vrai bonheur
    Notre joie et notre vie
    A toi l’amour et le grand honneur.

    @ Miss Cameroon 2017 et tous les autres,
    Voici le 1er paragraphe de l’hymne de notre beau pays.

  10. Haha… This idiot is also emulating his Congolese folks brainwashed by the French that when you become reddish like their master macron , you become more elegant or handsome . He’s surely bleaching in preparation to shake hands in 2019 with any French parasites that will be invited for their dream Afcon,which will never happen

  11. Samuel Eto’o Fils! Le grand 9, la légende vivante.
    Le fils d’Afrique du Cameroun, celui qui a porté le vert rouge jaune au delà de nos frontières avec fierté. Né et grandi dans les bidonvilles de Douala # Newbell, il a su profiter de son talent divin.
    Samuel Eto’o est l’un des Camerounais les plus généreux, il n’est pas parfait. Il vit sa vie comme il l’entend et fait de son existence planetere ce qu’il veut.
    Arretez de salir le fils de så mere, arretez de salir le Camerounais le plus convoité de la planete.
    Occupez vous de vos petites vies minables et de grace, collez lui la paix!

    • mr BIKUTSI:- this is where we africans especially cameroonians fail..
      Ofcourse he is a great talent, a very good and generous guy..
      But dont forget, he is the dream of a whole continent and has a role to play to change many africans..
      If i buy cheap creme and change my colour ofcourse it will not have an impact as when this is done by Samuel Eto..
      We should not mix up two things here….
      When you are star, a role model for many young africans, then u should be very careful..
      I think that Eto going through racism in Italy and Spain made a good move to teach young africans to believe in themselves…But if the same Etoo again is bleeching the skin to be another Michael Jackson, my brother thats too much ..

  12. Medicine Bag

    I Year you say. Why do you need laser treatment? Illiterate Idiot. You have been rubbing this u tuma since the days of Everton lying Bassa cunt. Complex go kill you.

  13. Slavery and colonialism is still in our heads…
    Instead of fighting the enemy, we give him a red carpet..
    We copy all his ways to confirm his superiority..
    He abuses us, kill us and we spend all the time adoring him…
    We show all our energy and hatred but to our brothers and sisters…
    Even when we have internal fights at home, its still the white man who comes in to separate us from killing one another..
    They call us barbaric, primitive and instead of learning collective awareness like the asians, we keep on running behind them…Wehhh black man and Africa..
    All stars either marry white ladies or change skin colour…..How do we teach the future generation to be real Africans when we dont accept being africans…