At least 15 killed in Cameroon bus accident

YAOUNDE, May 10 (Xinhua) — At least 15 people have been killed and 19 others injured in a bus accident in Cameroon, local police said.

The tragedy occurred Tuesday afternoon in a village along the highway linking the East and Adamawa regions.

Police said the driver of the bus, which was heading to Adamawa regional chief town of Ngaoundere, lost control, and the vehicle crashed and then exploded because it was also transporting fuel.

Cameroon Radio Television, the state television, reported that a three-year-old child was among the dead. Local media reported that seven women were also killed.

The injured were rushed to hospital and “are under intensive medical care,” the police said.

The Cameroonian Ministry of Transport estimates that 1,500 people die in road accidents each year in the central African nation.

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  1. This is exactly why I stopped using Touristic as their luggage loaders are pretty much interested in personal gains than the passengers themselves. There loaders once tried imposing me send my bag with a laptop to to be loaded as luggage, I refused and asked for refund and left them for good. Im pretty sure the these poor passengers where unaware they had fuel aboard. Sad indeed.

    • Nwan AbenNgah


      1. Speeding
      2. state of mind(driving under influence)
      3. Nature of the road