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Cameroon opens consulate in Equatorial Guinea

YAOUNDE, Oct. 8 Xinhua | Cameroon President Paul Biya on Monday signed a decree creating a consulate in Equatorial Guinea.

The new consulate will be located in the city of Mongomo in the continental part of Equatorial Guinea.

According to the decree, the consulate will cover Kie-Ntem, Wele-Nzas and Centre-South Provinces of the country.

The consulate is expected to improve relations between both countries along the border, according to officials of Cameroon Ministry of External Relations.

The over 180 km border between Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea is often a source of conflict.

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  1. **** BREAKING NEWS ****

    1. Brigard Anti Sardiniard (BAS )

    Members of Brigade Anti Sardinards are already setting the pace for Biya’s arrival in France.
    They are planning a huge protest in Lyon where the Head of State is expected to participate in an international conference on HIV/AIDS.


    “We are giving French Cameroon authorities 3 weeks, just 3 weeks to put their heads together and free all Ambazonian detainees in their custody unconditionally just as they did to their political Prisoners in Short notice…If not, the interim Government shall declare an indefinite total shutdown of the territory called Ambazonia. All borders with French Cameroon shall be completely shut down”

    MY TAKE *

    BIYALOGUE has made the situation even worse.

    • The MRC of Kamto BOYCOTTED the so-called Major National Dialogue.
      However, Kamto and all his militants were released from prison

      Anglophone federalists and unionists PARTICIPATED in the BIYALOGUE.
      However, only 333 out of the more than 12.000 (twelve thousand) were released.
      BTW, the QUALITY of prisoners released is more important than the Quantity.
      As a public figure, Ayuk Tabe is more important than the 333 unknown prisoners.

      Once again, Dictator Biya has proven to the world that there are two classes of citizens in his so-called “one and indivisible” LRC. first-class and second-class citizens.
      Kamto and his militants belong to the former while Ayuk Tabe and Anglophones belong to the latter.


      • Oh yes V. Before their GND, Biya had started dishing out his decrees.
        When, did they have time to summarise a long speech to tell the
        world thier cooked -up concluding address? Like the Cardinal had said
        in his interview, there was `intellectual dishonesty`and he too was very
        involved. He gave Biya a pass mark, against his own people. Does he,
        know how the frogs, will twist their `special status` position the day
        after and when Biya is gone?
        The Cardinal and his enablers gangsters, failed woefully. They have
        instead brought more suffering and pain, instead of `peace` that they
        sang all along. And i had said, that even the men in cassocks, didn`t
        know the definition of `peace`. And it came to pass.
        The IG and GZ, should adopt new strategies. It has to intensify.

  2. Waste of Taxpayers money! Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea already has one currency and one passport . So, of what use is the consulate?

  3. Gaspillage d’argent des contribuables! Le Cameroun et la Guinée équatoriale ont déjà une monnaie et un passeport. Alors, à quoi sert le consulat?

  4. Le Cameroun ouvre un consulat à Malabo pour gaspiller l’argent des contribuables! Le Cameroun et la Guinée équatoriale ont déjà une monnaie et un passeport. Alors, à quoi sert le consulat? Nous voulons une afrique et une monnaie.

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