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Cameroon’s national carrier acquires additional aircraft

APAnews | Cameroon Airlines Corporation (Camair-Co), on Tuesday, announced in a statement seen by APA, the acquisition of a new Boeing 737-500 without specifying the terms of this operation.

“The introduction of this plane will contribute to the densification of the national network, as well as the gradual recovery of regional services, namely Libreville (Gabon), Bangui (Central African Republic), Ndjamena (Chad), Cotonou (Benin), Lagos (Nigeria) and Abidjan (Cote d’Ivoire),” Camair-Co said.

At the end of last March, Camair-Co, a 100 percent State-owned Company had interrupted its regional services due to financial troubles.

Six Camair-Co aircraft were grounded due to a lack of maintenance, and the company had to rent a plane in order to ensure domestic services.

Just one month ago, Camair-Co received a government grant worth six billion CFA francs. The company took advantage of this to acquire a Embraer-type aircraft with 50 seats.

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  1. You may even acquire a million planes, no way.

    Where are the planes going to drop passengers? D’la airport?

    Why is it too difficult to also borrow money from China and build the Tiko-Dl’a international airport?

    Etoudi is a curse to CMR…

  2. I will never understand the obsession many in the diaspora have with biya. Every discausion rotates around him. As if we can not do anything ourselves. Yet I do not see the logical connection between etoudi and toiling soil in njah etu or babanki. Because we lost the war of indipendence, the patriotic leaders many are asking for will never exist. We have to be realistic and proceed differently diviating all obstacles on our way. Things would be different if Um Nyobe was successful. But it is not the case. Thinking that those installed in power after he was killed will be patriotic is equal to trying to reason with a Christian or Muslim. Kikkiki

    • NDAAGRE,

      Why are u so obsessed with those who are obsessed with Biya? Did he retain you?

      I heard you have planted corn on the sun.

      • NDAAH GREH,,,,what is the connection between biya and the act of toiling the soil to plant corn in NJAH-ETU?
        is it not shocking that people call the name of a single individual each time they need to do something?if our goverment is not handled by genuis,i do not think the masses at the bottom are.

        • Hahaha NDAAGRE,

          I heard that Biya stole 90% of the corn seeds recommended by the ministry of agriculture.

          Do u see the link?


  3. Acquiring planes is good, making them air-borne is even better! Planes, like oil refineries, require maintenance and insurance as well.


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