Incurable Ebola-like virus spreads to Cameroon after killing several across border

Sydney Morning Herald | Yaounde/Geneva: New cases of a deadly hemorrhagic fever have been detected in Cameroon, after a deadly outbreak was declared in neighbouring Equatorial Guinea.

Cameroonian authorities detected two suspected cases of Marburg disease in Olamze, a border commune, the public health delegate for the region, Robert Mathurin Bidjang, said on Tuesday.

Equatorial Guinea officially declared its first outbreak of Marburg, an illness similar to Ebola, on Monday. It quarantined more than 200 people and restricted movement last week in its Kie-Ntem province, where the fever was first detected.

The Marburg virus causes a highly infectious disease that can have a fatality rate of up to 88 per cent, according to the WHO. There are no approved vaccines or antiviral treatments to treat it.

The small Central African country has so far reported nine deaths as well as 16 suspected cases of the disease which causes fever, fatigue and blood-stained vomit and diarrhoea, according to the WHO.

The World Health Organisation said earlier it was increasing its epidemiological surveillance in Equatorial Guinea and re-deploying COVID-19 teams to the area.

“Surveillance in the field has been intensified,” said George Ameh, WHO’s country representative in Equatorial Guinea.

“Contact tracing, as you know, is a cornerstone of the response. We have […] redeployed the COVID-19 teams that were there for contact tracing and quickly retrofitted them to really help us out.”

“We’re working on a 30-day response plan where we should be able to quantify what are the exact measures and quantify what are the exact needs,” Ameh said.

Neighbouring Cameroon had restricted movement along the border to avoid contagion.

“On the 13 of February, we had two suspected cases. These are two 16-year-old children, a boy and a girl, who have no previous travel history to the affected areas in Equatorial Guinea,” Bidjang said at a meeting in Cameroon’s capital Yaounde.

Forty-two people who came into contact with the two children have been identified and contact tracing was ongoing, he added.

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  1. In a country where so called intellectuals are creationist,with churches and mosque at every corner of the road,but no laboratories,nothing is planned in scientific logic.the spread of desease is assimilated to creationist stupidity.

  2. @ Bah Acho, sometimes its better to no say anything. You’re trying way too hard to make connections were they don’t exist. The US have the best labs (arguably) in the world but we still had the highest cases of smallpox globally at ~30,000 with 32 deaths (Cameroon had 18 with 3 deaths). What does your theory of number of churches vs Labs have to say about that?

    • BUEAPICKIN,,,,,, there are two America’s in one. First we have the non creationist north that controls the economy and scientific initiatives and the creationist south that is poor stipped in crime barbarism without the SLITEST scientific thinking. During COVID in Cameroon we saw the stupidity of “reationist claiming they could kill a living virus with herbs. A certain Anglican fool called klada even claimed to cure COVID. infact he does not even know what a virus is. How many state of the art research laboratories exist in Cameroon? How many churches exist in say tiko alone?

      • Bah Acho… The most number of the cases in the US where in California and New York and those are not “poor southern states”.
        ….and we saw the same thing here with people thinking they can cure Covid.. again not exlcusive to Cameroon or Africa. What is a ” research lab” going to accomplish during the outbreak of a known virus or disease? absolutely Nothing

  3. Are you all afraid to say or just blind to see another biological scam from the one who controls diseases..CDC? Not sure where their focus is, Cameroon or Equatorial Guinea? We will soon find out but its clear that any disease that has a patent on it was created in the lab. Ebola is one of them. Innocent victims being killed as the fear factor is imposed.

    • Rawpost…. I like a good conspiracy, but the Marburg is a well known and well studied zoonotic virus…look it up. I’m surprised you haven’t accused the CDC of spreading Malaria which is way more prevalent and kills a lot more people than Ebola or Marburg.

  4. Buea Pikin, HIV is a well known and studied virus too.