Lions Indomptables: Samuel Eto’o explains his lack of equipment and materials

Afrique Sports | The president of the Cameroonian Football Federation, Samuel Eto’o, has addressed the controversy surrounding the equipment and material of the Indomitable Lions.

In a letter to the Minister of Sports, Narcisse Mouelle Kombi, Samuel Eto’o recounted the incidents that occurred last Sunday, on the sidelines of the beginning of the gathering of the Indomitable Lions for the 2026 World Cup qualifying matches.

Following his abrupt exclusion from the Cameroonian national team by the Ministry of Sports, the Cameroonian Football Federation withdrew all equipment from the Indomitable Lions.

According to the leadership led by Samuel Eto’o, no official request has been made to provide the personnel imposed by Minister Mouelle Kombi with this material. In a correspondence addressed to Minister Narcisse Mouelle Kombi, Samuel Eto’o provides clarification regarding the non-provision of the equipment for the national team.

“At the time when federation employees were ejected from the Hilton Hotel, they had no choice but to take all the necessary equipment for the successful conduct of the training camp in order to secure it at the Fécafoot headquarters.

Indeed, it could not be deployed due to the animosity and reversals of the coach. However, the federation remains available to provide the necessary equipment and material provided that a formal written request is submitted to it.”

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