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Longtime FIFA official Hayatou back in African soccer work

YAOUNDE, Cameroon (AP) — Former African soccer leader Issa Hayatou will help organize some of the continent’s top tournaments.

Issa Hayatou
The Cameroon sports ministry says it has appointed Hayatou, who was FIFA’s interim president in 2015-16, as a special adviser to the organizers of competitions it will host, including the 2020 African Nations Championship and the 2021 African Cup of Nations.

Hayatou left top-level soccer when his 29-year presidency of the Confederation of African Football ended in 2017 with an election loss to Ahmad Ahmad of Madagascar.

Cameroon was stripped of hosting this year’s African Cup by CAF, which cited poor preparations. The decision was widely seen as a riposte to Hayatou.

With CAF in turmoil and Ahmad implicated in financial corruption by French investigators, FIFA has sent secretary general Fatma Samoura from Zurich to run the Cairo-based organization.

The 73-year-old Hayatou has retained honorary membership of the International Olympic Committee and attended meetings in June in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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  1. 29 years and what does he have to show for in his country?

  2. Have you heard of FIFA development grants to improve the game? Try Google!

  3. These are chums who were given their merited chance to blossom in their primes. Some were even 29, or beyond, like their grand master at Etoudi. But today, these same young and vibrant civil servants of yesteryear find it so difficult to do likewise to the youths of today. Some are even so hysterical to the extent that they don’t believe a young CMR can even lead a njangi house.

    Luckily tho, CHINEKE has refused to call them. For, they have to see with their own nac-ked eyes what they have done to other generations of vibrant, agile and dynamic youths.

    Once they see that, they will beckon their own hearts to call it day. Without the hand of CHINEKE in their predicament, as a matter of archetypal kinda of facts…

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