Faris Moumbagna (L) et Jean Onana (R)

Marseille Incident: Two Olympique Marseille Players Targeted in Car-Jacking Attempt

In a disturbing event that unfolded in the early hours of Sunday night to Monday, two Olympique de Marseille footballers, Jean Onana and Faris Moumbagna, narrowly escaped a violent car-jacking attempt.

According to Europe 1, the attempt took place shortly before 4 a.m. in the southern districts of Marseille. The assailants, armed with at least one firearm, failed to steal the vehicle but left several bullet impacts on it. Fortunately, neither Onana nor Moumbagna was injured during the ordeal.

This incident occurred just hours after the team’s match against Le Havre on the final day of the French championship.

Despite a 2-1 victory at Stade Océane, the win was not enough for Marseille to secure a spot in a European competition, finishing the season in 8th place, just behind RC Lens.

As the players returned from their match, they were met not with celebration, but with a life-threatening challenge, underscoring the dangers that can lurk even in moments of victory. The perpetrators of the car-jacking have since fled the scene, leaving the team and community shaken by the near-tragic event.

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