Niat Njifenji, the 88-year-old outgoing President of the Senate re-elected

Marcel Niat Njifenji, the 88-year-old outgoing President of the Senate of Cameroon, was re-elected on Wednesday. In a vote held at the Yaoundé Congress Palace, the senator from the Western region secured 97 votes. As per the Cameroonian Constitution, the President of the Senate would serve as an interim leader in case of a definitive vacancy in the presidency. Njifenji, a former Deputy Prime Minister, is supported by Aboubakary Abdoulaye, the first vice-president of the Senate. Both have held their positions since 2013 when the upper house of the Cameroonian Parliament was established.

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  1. Niat, you and your friends do not want your children to live in that country. More trouble is around the corner…

  2. Before I thought you people are wicked not to give space to the youths, but now my views have changed, the youths are wicked to allowed you people stay.

    • church,
      I hear you. But what about the thousands in prison and those killed fighting these dinosaurs? But there’s only so much people can take…

      • Anybody convinced that we can move forward with even younger politicians should through calculated thinking explain to me where they are going to take money to Industrialize and modernise the country without putting people to work 14 hours 8 days a week? Reinstalling the original calendar, regulating alcohol consumption, banning smoking and drinking in public, outlawing polygamy, all necessary to focus 10.000% on societal transformation.

        • Bah, what have your old friends, po mba, niat, cavaye, etc done so far? Why haven’t they industrialized? Who is preventing them from modernizing the country? Abeg leave that tok. You’re talking of people who spend the country’s money in hospitals and hotels in Europe.
          But you’re right, it is not just a matter of youth, but the type of youth. The way things stand, the immediate future is bleak.

  3. BROTHAJOE,,,,,,, do you think that po mba, niat, cavaye,even know what industrialization is? We are talking about a bounche of ignorant fools who do not even have the SLITEST idea of what industrialization and modernization is about. the thinking quality of the so called younger politicians gives me no reason to think they understand either. even simple concepts like basic industrialization, going from light export oriented industrialization that is footwear, clothing, agriculture products processing mean nothing to them. Do they even know what industrial zones mean?