Olympic Games Paris 2024 Qualifiers: The Indomitable Lionesses advance to the third round

On October 31, 2023, the Lionesses of Cameroon defeated Uganda at the Reunification Stadium in Douala. Aboudi Onguené and her colleagues advanced to the third round of the 2024 Paris Olympics qualifying process with a score of 3-0. The Lionesses of Cameroon were forced to win at home by three goals following a 2-0 setback in Uganda. Despite a few anxious moments, this was completed.

The Bepanda audience had to wait 28 minutes after the first kickoff before they could enjoy Cameroon’s first goal (1-0), which came from a well-executed strike by Nchout Ajara. On this score, the two teams retired to their locker rooms at halftime.

The Lionesses coach, Jean Baptiste Bisseck, replaced Bernadette Mbelle Ngaseh with Michaela Abam after coming out of the locker room. Following a free kick that Colette Ndzana took from the left to the right, Monique Ngock cut the trajectory at the near post to score the second goal for the Lionesses of Cameroon two minutes later (in the 47th minute). Primarily, her goal allows them to restart the clock, but it’s also her first for the national team.

It was required to move to extra time after the regular time. As a result, the game had to be stopped until extra time in the 118th minute, when Falone Mefoumetou scored. Nchout Njoya Ajara awarded a free kick from the right side of the Ugandan defense; the ball was punched by the opponent goalkeeper and landed right in front of Cameroon’s right defender. She fired a hard shot (3-0) that went straight into the back of the net without hesitation. Everybody in Cameroon is ecstatic.

In the third round of Olympic qualifying for Paris in 2024, Cameroon will play Nigeria.

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