Samuel Eto’o Breaks Silence and Responds to Critics

In a message posted on his social media this morning, FECAFOOT president Samuel Eto’o broke his silence to respond to his critics. He tried to reassure them and promised a bright future for Cameroonian football, at a time when the institution he heads is in turmoil, shaken by several cases.

Samuel Eto’o has been the target of numerous criticisms for several months now. In the 20 months he has been at the head of FECAFOOT, the institution has never known so much noise, suspensions and trials. In recent days, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) announced that it has opened an investigation into the former FC Barcelona player for alleged inappropriate behavior.

In his message, Samuel Eto’o began by introducing himself as a “Cameroonian from here, from elsewhere, from every millimeter of the continent”. He then recalled that he had been raised to the dignity of “African soldier” by Nelson Mandela.

“I want to say to those who support me in my project to restore Cameroonian football to its former glory, that they need not be afraid,”

said Samuel Eto’o.

“We are experiencing the violence of adversity, but we must not give in to it. We will stumble over obstacles, but we will continue to move forward. If we fall, God will give us the strength to get up and start again.”

The FECAFOOT president assured that his intentions were noble and that his strength was his faith in a better future for young Cameroonian footballers. “We will achieve it with the help of all Cameroonians, from Mokolo to Yabassi, from Foumban to Tongolo, from Akonolinga to Bamougoum via Bokito, and even Pitoa,” he concluded.

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