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Stanley Enow: Cameroonian music powerhouse [Interview]

africanews | Stanley Enow is a household name in Cameroon. An award winning hip hop artist, with various accolades in music but most importantly, he is the first Cameroonian artist to be nominated for the MTV Africa Music Awards, in which he won the Best New Act award in 2014.

Stanley also popularly known as Kingkong is the owner of the Motherland Empire record label.

In an exclusive interview with Africanews journalist Linnete Bahati, he talks about his musical career, his upcoming album, the current Anglophone crisis in Cameroon and more.

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  1. As Fake as it can be! No ethnicity and zero honesty . Stanley Enow is robbing hot sauce in the people’s eye . If you count the prominent Cameroonian artist of your his generation Enow will not feature in the top 10 classification!

  2. we must celeberate only scientist,engineers,captains of industry,and technicians.this deculturised biengs called musicians are a distraction.

  3. Brown Sugar ( Abuja )

    Uncle Bah,

    Did you also know that the music industry, in as much as it is neither science, engineer nor technician as you listed above but social art, is a sector grouped under entertainment, that does not only create jobs but contribute to the economy of any nation that invest in it, e.g. the USA, UK, S/Korea, SA, Naija etc.

    Your music industry is poorly managed and as a result of that it is dwindling drastically.

    If only you know when makossa was at it peak in the 60s, 70s, 80s and early 90s. Pls do a research how the genre contribute to Cameroon economy during the hay days bro.

    We all know that science and technology is the future of every nation on earth, music is not a barrier and limitation. Music is food to the soul and a channel in which messages is spread sometimes.

  4. Brown [email protected] agree it’s one of the five top industries of the UK.
    Central/west African countries should fight united against their artists creations being copied by other forigen artists and they should invest in indegienious music phone/computer programs and apps, for all nationals, to further artistic creativity and bringing to market …just like the Nigerian film industry,we don’t need to be flattered by outside interests ,when we naturally have what’s best..within us and have a decent market within the continent.

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