Togo donates $1.5M to Türkiye following deadly quakes

Anadolu Agency | The West African nation is joining international efforts ‘to heal wounds, participate in reconstruction,’ says Togolese diplomatic source

Togo said Thursday that it has donated $1.5 million to support Türkiye in the wake of the devastating earthquakes that struck the southern part of the country on Feb. 6.

“Togo joins the international mobilization” by making “this contribution to heal the wounds and participate in the reconstruction” of Türkiye after the twin earthquakes that killed more than 50,000 people, said the website of the Togolese Republic.

The Turkish embassy thanked the West African country for “the solidarity and friendship it has shown.”

It also said that on March 21, Togo’s embassy in Ankara took part in a reforestation operation alongside Turkish authorities and people.

The operation involves the creation of a “February 6 Earthquake Martyrs Memorial Forest” in the country’s 81 provinces in homage to the victims of the earthquakes.

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