Businessman Hervé Bopda arrested on sexual assault charges

Hervé Bopda, a businessman from Cameroon, was taken into custody while sleeping at a motel in Douala on the evening of Tuesday, January 30 to Wednesday, January 31. He had been the target of multiple accusations of serious violence and sexual assault on social media for the better part of 10 days.

The matter has taken up all of Cameroon’s attention, reminiscent of the #MeToo movement. Cameroonian businessman Hervé Bopda had been the target of numerous anonymous social media accusations of severe violence and sexual assault for around 10 days. After being taken into jail on Tuesday night, he is currently under the care of the Douala judicial police.

There are countless testimonies from men and women alike on Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, and other platforms, describing the atrocities they are said to have experienced at the hands of Hervé Bopda.

In addition to being a well-known businessman and socialite in Douala, the accused victims claim that he also has influence in Yaoundé, Kribi, Limbe, and Buea. The testimonies are anonymous. Every description of Hervé Bopda involves him being a violent man who carries a gun with him at all times, which he freely brandishes to threaten and frighten his victims.

A whistleblower claims to have already received over 1,000 testimonies, of which he has only decided to publish roughly sixty. The whistleblower alleges that he has raped hundreds of women.

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