Cameroon, Nigeria request to join Côte d’Ivoire-Ghana cocoa initiative

Al Jazeera | Cameroon and Nigeria requested to join the Cote d’Ivoire-Ghana Cocoa Initiative (CIGCI), a joint body spearheading the interests of the two countries in the cocoa trade, the head of the initiative Alex Assanvo said on Wednesday.

The initiative was set up after a 2018 declaration by Ivory Coast and Ghana, the world’s first and second-largest cocoa producers, on willingness to define a common sustainable cocoa strategy that would raise prices paid to farmers.

It was created with the view of including other African countries.

Representatives from Cameroon and Nigeria were invited to a CIGCI meeting in Abidjan to begin the process of joining the initiative, Assanvo told reporters after the meeting.

“With Cameroon and Nigeria we are going to represent around two-thirds of global cocoa production,”

Yves Brahima Kone, chief executive of the Ivory Coast Cocoa and Coffee Council, said at the meeting.

“This will allow us to have more leeway in discussions with the industry on imposing a decent price for our cocoa farmers.”

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  1. Does growing cocoa for export make economic sense? Follow my reasoning. one hectare of cocoa produce between 500 and 700 kilograms per à kilo of cocoa at the highest price sells at 3 US dollars. Let us say our farmers produce 700 kilo per hectare which is 2100 dollars per hectare. One hectare of soy beans and wheat produce least four tonnes per hectare four times a year. One tonne of wheat and soy beans for export price is 500 dollars. now multiply 500 dollars times four, we have 2000 multiply 2000 dollars times four harvest a year. We have 8000 dollars. notice that if our wheat ? and soy beans is under irrigation, harvest is 7 tonnes per hectare.. even without irrigation it means our governments prefer 2100 dollars to 8000 dollars per hectare income for our farmers.

    • Above is the reason I say, hoping that our governments will transform our economy is like believing that humans can live on planet Mars where temperature move from plus 300 to minus 300 in a day. our governments are specialized in creating and sustaining poverty through cocoa, coffee, cotton.

    • @Bah Acho where do you sell this soya beans? Have bags and bags of it.