Cameroonian Moukoko breaks new record

Africanews | Cameroonian striker Youssoufa Moukoko broke a new record after becoming Thursday the youngest player called up to play in a World Cup for Germany.

The Dortmund striker turns 18 on November 20th, the day of the tournament’s opening match.

Born in Yaoundé, Moukoko arrived in Germany at the age of 10 and became the youngest player to play in the German top flight.

This season, he has scored 6 goals in 13 league games.

Moukoko chose to play for Germany while the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon were still hoping to get him a few weeks ago.

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  1. Cameroonian? German-Cameroonian, yes. He is Germain and you cannot take that back from him. He has chosen to represent Germany instead of the corrupt Cameroon.

    • Erich,,,,,, have you taken time to look up the definition of German in a German dictionary? Germans are people of the Caucasian race with red sken practicing partriachy. does the person above relate to any of this?