Cameroon: Skin-lightening still a ‘public health problem’ despite ban

Cameroon has banned skin-lightening products following a spate of high profile cases of users developing skin cancer, but shops continue to sell the products and the products fly off the shelf, with many women saying they feel under pressure to use them to meet perceived standards of beauty.

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Cameroonian government fights against skin bleaching | + video

africanews | The practice of skin bleaching can have devastating consequences for the skin. Faced with the increasing popularity of whitening creams, the Cameroonian government was recently forced to ban the import of these cosmetic products due to the growing cases of skin damage. Some local craftswomen did not waste …

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Call for Applications: Lionn Academy for Arts and Entertainment

Lionn Academy For Arts And Entertainment | It is a specialised music and entertainment institute with the purpose of identifying, training, accompany and showcasing young people with exceptional potentials and passion in music and arts. The Lionn Academy for Arts and Entertainment, under the leadership of celebrated Cameroonian Artist Mr …

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