Tragic Food Poisoning Claims Four Lives near Kumba

CameroonOnline | In Ekiliwindi, a suburb of Kumba, Cameroon, a father and his three children tragically died from suspected food poisoning. The family had consumed a meal of Eru, a local dish, which was reported to have a suspicious smell.

The surviving son, who abstained from the meal, noted his concerns about the meal’s preparation by their mother. Despite his reservations, his father encouraged the family to eat due to their hunger.

Tragically, all four members who ate the dish, the father, Mr. Nfon, along with his children, Nfon Francis, Nfon Delight, and Neba Endurance, suffered severe stomach pains and later died in the hospital.

The incident has sparked a police investigation to determine the exact cause of death, with initial theories suggesting potential food spoilage or external poisoning. This has raised community awareness about the risks of improper food storage and the dangers of household chemicals.

Authorities are determined to uncover the truth behind the sad event that has deeply affected the Ekiliwindi community.

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